Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Becoming FRIDA Kahlo ... in CLAY ...

Dedicating THIS week to finishing a BUNCH of commissioned PAINTINGS and shipping late ORDERS while squeezing some SCULPTING in between ...  I FINALLY had a FULL day of work in my STUDIO without interruptions TODAY and it feels WONDERFUL ! 

As you can SEE, FRIDA has bigger BREASTS now and is coming ALIVE slowly but surely ... I just can't BELIEVE how fearless I am with CLAY and how MUCH I have LEARNED about it in a few WEEKS ... 

My tender-half and parents are doing GREAT, so is my husky dog NIKITA, my SPAWN is having a EXCITING time in SWITZERLAND and I think SPRING is ALMOST on its way ! 

YAY ! 

I am FINALLY on a ROLL !

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