Monday, April 15, 2013


This picture is NOT pretty 
MIGHT hurt your EYES ! 
Every spring, the BEATEN up, 
MESSY, beige AND brown, 
UGLY, dead-looking, BORING, 
arid, SAD state of my GARDEN 
desolates me ... 
HARD to believe that by the middle of May, 
the trees will be FULLY equipped 
with BRAND new LEAVES, 
the grass will be GREEN and LUSH 
 it will be TOO hot to stay under 
the LUNCH-HOUR sun ... 
Comes middle of JUNE 
and there will NOT be a SINGLE spot 
without a FLOWER ...
BIG painting plans 
for the GARDEN studio this year 
and maybe, if I am a GOOD girl, 
a NEW covered PORCH ... 
I just LOVE this time of the YEAR, 
full of PROMISES !

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