Friday, November 2, 2012


WOW ! Looking at my FB for the first time since I wrote a post yesterday about my dad being told he had a GENERALIZED and VERY LETHAL CANCER OF THE STOMACH on Halloween night and the morning after that this was ALL AN ERROR ... I am SO VERY TOUCHED and EVEN MORE HAPPY by YOUR reaction and your comments left here ... Isn't this the MOST EXTRAORDINARY story that could happen to someone ? For a han
dful of hours, I thought my time left with my dad that I ADORE as I knew it was no longer to be seized ... I was TOTALLY floored with the news ... WONDERING how I would be strong enought to go through this and be the BIG STRONG DAUGHTER I have always been ... My dad had been spending time at the hospital quite often lately due to blood and heart problems but really nothing lifethreatening ... But the verdict of TERMINAL CANCER, smacking all of us HARD in the face was NUMBING ... I felt like instantly I split myself in two, the inner sad and paralyzed by the news ME and the other ME standing beside, working, cooking, talking, facing the situation ... When I got the doctor's the next morning to let me know about the ERROR, it REALLY felt like a MIRACLE ... YOU HAVE NO IDEA what the feeling was ! Like having a nightmare that feels SO REAL where a LOVED ONE is DEAD ... And you wake up and find out it was ALL a BAD DREAM ... LIKE experimenting the eminent LOSS of a loved one for 16 hours, going through ALL KINDS of emotions and feelings and an INDESCRIPTIBLE inner TURMOIL ... And suddenly someone arrives on the scene and says NO NO NO ! We got it ALL WRONG ! ALL is well, NO CANCER and NO DEATH on the horizon !!! I have NEVER NEVER NEVER felt SO HAPPY and RELIEVED ! Like someone lifted the 10-wheeler that was CRUSHING my HEART and my HEAD ! My mom and I drove to the hospital for our every-second-day visit wth my dad, BUZZING, and CRYING and LAUGHING and saying repeatedly I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS ! When we got to my dad's room, he was in TOTAL DISBELIEF ... TOTALLY NUMB ... and HAPPY !!! EVERYONE came around to tell us HOW happy they were with the news, every nurse and member of the staff in SHOCK too ! They had been notified of my dad's CANCER the night before ... And EVERYONE loves my dad ! He is a friendly, easygoing, patient, funny and nice man ... WE ALL hugged and laughed and CELEBRATED ... Later in the afternoon, my dad's cardioligist, the one who announced the bad news to him the night before came to visit my dad ... He explained the error to us very humbly ... My dad had gone through ABDOMEN scans the day before and the doctor who was in charge of the results, inverted the names of two patients in the computer when entering the results ... As simple as that ... My dad's doctor was very VERY sorry about the situation and said that the faulty doctor had not even offered an excuse when he was notified of the error ... My dad's doctor offered appologies on behalf of the hospital, said he was VERY upset with the errror, which he had reported to the high authorities of the hospital ... He also said that if we wanted to sue the doctor AND the hospital, we were in a perfect situation to do so ... But, we all AGREED that we do NOT want to walk NEGATIVE STEPS on this WONDERFUL YELLOW BRICK ROAD ahead of us ... NO TIME to LOOSE, NO TIME to WASTE ... We will file a complaint with the hospital so that the ERROR does NOT repeat itself BUT this is where the ANGER will stop ... This is a time FOR HAPPINESS, NOT A TIME FOR WAR !!!! Dad should be freed any day now and back home during the weekend. Today, I am running a HIGH fever, have a MAJOR headache and feel like every single inch of my body is bruised ... We are ALL so happy ! Spawn woke up with a BIG smile an hour earlier today, singing WHAT A BEAUTIFUL world and playing guitar !

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