Sunday, November 11, 2012


The POPPY is a global symbol
for REMEMBRANCE of those who DIED before us
in order to provide us with the
FREEDOM we enjoy today.
The poppy was one of the ONLY things
to SURVIVE in Flanders Field,
one of the main sites during the FIRST WORLD WAR.
It brought a sense of life,
and reassurance
to the soldiers that were STILL fighting.
Today, I am wearing a POPPY
to commemorate those who SACRIFICED their lives DURING war
as well as to honour those
who STILL serve in our Forces today ...
My father-in-law went to WAR ...
He was in the débarquement de Normandie,
heading a troup ...
He made it ALIVE, was HIGHLY honored with medals ...
But he came BACK home a BROKEN man ...
The YOUNG lad he was
stayed there on the Beaches in Northern France ...
all the war stories he told me ...

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