Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I got a CHANCE to be a part-time GLITTER GIRL !
What a WONDERFUL manicure set for a LUMBERJACKETTE like me !
Now, I can CLEAN the chicken coop,
SCRAPE glue from a sculpture,
DIG dirt in the garden,
SMEAR paint
without WORRYING about dirty, broken, dull
SO handy !
I have been ASHAMED of my awful CLAWS for years !
Now, whenever I need to look DECENT and PROPER,
I can just SLIP on these plastic digit TIPS in a JIFFY ...
A DREAM come true for a girl like ME
who has been wanting ALL HER LIFE
to look more FEMINE and PLEASING
to the masculine eye ...
I am SO proud of myself ...
Now, I can say I feel like a REAL woman ...
From HAND to FEET ...
If I could ONLY find a way to fit these
on my TOES ...

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