Monday, January 2, 2012


When you live UP NORTH,
want it OR not,
comes January,
you start LONGING for tropical SUNSHINE,
a square-foot of sandy BEACH framed by a turquoise OCEAN,
a pair of PALM TREES on each side of a colorful hamac,
tall DRINKS with paper umbrellas
and CARRIBEAN music ...
When I find myself DREAMING
of a HOT PINK plastic inflated mattress BOBBING on the BIG sea,
I sit in an FOLDING chair in the middle of my SUNNY kitchen
under my giant FLOWERING laurel tree,
split open a COCONUT, quarter a few ORANGES
and LEMONES and peel a BANANA
and listen to BOB MARLEY on my SKULL candies
while sipping a ZOMBIE in a TIKI ceramic glass ... 
EVEN winter BUGS get the BLUES after the holidays ... 
And LYING on a bunch of discarded perfumed ORANGES
on top of the WARM compost pile
might JUST be another BRIGHT remedy ...

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