Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been in a FRIVOLOUS state of MIND lately !
A HAPPY kinda GIGGLING spirit !
This new year is starting with
somersaults and backflips
powdered with glitters !
I have been SPLATERING my studio with
carnival-stand CANDY and TROPICAL-fruit colored paint ...
Dreaming of PINK elephants and GREEN skies !
DARING to color my life OUTSIDE the lines
with a BIG box of crayolas !
Like a GIANT wind-up toy,
I am TOTALLY cranked up ! 
And READY to cross-out projects on my
long things-to-do list, starting with this
PUFFY pom-pom ORGANIC-turned-WACKO floor RUG
I spied somewhere on the web a little while ago ... 
OH ! 
And I haven't even told you about the HALF-DOZEN paintings
I curently have on my WORK table,
RESTING between bouts of INSPIRATION !


ODD imagination said...

The rug is so awesome! I would never want to walk on it...

Karla said...

Ohhhhh loving your colorful blog and that rug is to drool for!