Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The KING is DEAD ! Long LIVE the KING !
Le ROI est MORT ! VIVE le ROI !
El REY ha MUERTO ! Larga VIDA el REY !
I found my rooster Jello dead on the floor of the coop this morning ...
He was getting old and I doubted
he would be able to make it through another winter ...
Señor Jello had a wonderful and full life !
He was 4 months old when we adopted him 8 years ago
and he spent all these years doing his job his in domain,
guarding and taking care of his girls
like each of them were precious treasures,
acting 300% macho 24 hours around
and attacking us in the back with his 4-inch long spurs
whenever it pleased him ...
During the past year,
he had lost his aggressivity due to ancient age
and daily I would pick him up,
hold him tight against me,
pet his head and gently rock him back and forth,
which made him coo with delight ...
Monsieur Jello was a FREE SPIRIT
in BODY and SOUL ...
R.I.P. dear feathery friend !


Susan Link said...

sounds like you were a good rooster mama.Sorry for your loss.

Gloria said...

Oh, sorry about your King, lulu. :( I guess he lived his life out. Happy New Year. Peace.

oldblackcatboo said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
Your Jello was lucky to have you in his life. I know that it's a part of life but it doesn't take away the sadness of losing a friend.
XOXO - Cindi