Friday, September 2, 2011


Doing PLUM mathematics this morning ... ONE plum, two plums, three ...
ONE bowl of plums, two bowls of plums, three ... ONE pound of plums, two pounds of plums, three ... If you make 8 JARS of plum JAM with ONE bowl of plums which weighs 10 POUNDS and you picked up 11 BOWLS of plums, WHAT DO YOU GET ?
110 POUNDS of plums, 88 JARS of plum JAM, a VERY tired Italian plum TREE, a KITCHEN that smells divine, a PURPLE fixation and a GIANT sugar rush !


Georgina said...

Oh YUM!!! Those plums remind me of when I lived in Germany and I learned how to make Plum Cake...sure miss it.

Glad you're back and all is well. You were missed, my little amiga.


Gloria said...

Hi Lulu. Good to see you. I love plums. I have a plum tree in back. Took a small growth from my dad's yard years ago and now it is huge and gives lots of plums. My dad lives on. Hope you have been well.

Bairbre Aine said...

Aren't plums just the best?! These purple gems are amazingly delightful in colour. So happy you're having such plumfulpleasures. :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have not had plum jam in ages. (and I don't mean the commercial stuff) My grandmother used to make this, but I think she had a smaller plum variety.
You totally ROCK!!!


pinkglitterfae said...

oh you are so lucky!! we've never had luck with fruit trees, I think it's because our neighbors went and put these evergreens so close by, that they drop some powdery stuff on our trees every year now. They have grown huge!

enjoy the bounty of the season

Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

they look delicious! Plus that purple coloring is amazing!