Monday, September 5, 2011


I STRONGLY believe
that animals CAN read our thoughts ...
Drove throught the mountains AROUND yesterday,
UP the hills and DOWN the valleys,
to spend time with an OLD friend I hadn't seen in months ...
With its INCREDIBLY lighted days, full of CONTRASTS,
its DRAMATIC skies in shades of steel blue and perriwinkle,
its smells of RIPE golden fields
and dark HUMID forests ...
A month during which one COULD believe,
for a few moments,
that winter will NO LONGER show up,
that everything will stay GREEN, that the doors and windows will stay WIDE OPEN,
that the SNOW will stay TRAPPED in the clouds
and that walking BAREFOOT in the grass will be possible
EVEN in February ...
WISHFULL thinking ... 
As IF on cue, the cows
near the fence where I had STOPPED my car for a moment,
ALL turned around,
as if on CUE,
and MOONED me ... 
DREAM on ...

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