Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just received the STRANGEST and COOLEST surprise ever
in the MAIL this morning !
Sent by my BESTEST friend Guy,
it brought back INSTANT memories
and made ME smile ! A SCORPION !
See, a FEW years ago, spending time the boyz and friends in MEXICO,
a scorpion FELL from the roof in the SCOOP of my t-shirt
while I was READING in a hamac.
I reacted as FAST as a DEVIL dropped in HOLY water,
cursing, JERKING and dancing around like a MAD woman
while people around watched, mouth OPEN,
wondering what was WRONG
The beast FINALLY dropped on the floor
and ran AWAY fast ... 
It didn't even have the CHANCE to bite ME !
There was a moment of SILENCE
then we ALL started laughing ! 
There is now a LEGEND going around in the YUCATAN
about the Grande GRINGA Loca WHO Scared a Malo ALACRÁN
by dancing the EVIL OJO BAILA ...

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Georgina said...

Oh Lulu, when I saw the scorpion, I got a chill up my spine...I hate the little beasties...they're everywhere here in West TX. However, they are good for the garden, as long as that's where they stay...OUTSIDE!!! They like coming in to cool down sometimes and especially love my studio...lots of places to hide. The other day I was outside watering my herbs and saw one on the wall, I found a roach lurking also outside and fed it to the scorpion...he was much obliged!! LOL I then scooped up Senor Scorpion and put him in the flower beds, where the other nasty bugs like to hide...he'd have plenty to eat, so he'll stay out of my studio!!

My grandparents, who came from Mexico, had all kinds of stories about scorpions and told us when we were children...wanted us not to play with if!! LOL However, my grandmother used to enjoy feeding little pesty bugs to the scorpions and black I do the same...ok, that's weird, but you should have known my grandmother...she was awesome!!

Have a great week.