Saturday, September 10, 2011


HHHHHHHolga got Trrrrrrrractorrrrrr !!!
HHHHHHHolga a HAPPY Girlllll !!! 
When I met my my boyfriend years ago,
he started calling me Holga,
cause I would work with HEAVY machinery in the garden,
wearing my sleeveless t-shirt,
my mini-skirt
and construction boots ... 
The name has stayed with ME ... 
Ealier today,
a farmer friend of mine gave me his old TRACTOR,
which was weathering away
in a corner of his barn,
in exchange for a year-supply
of fresh eggs from my girlz ... 
And it WORKS
Isn't it a beauty
RED and RUSTY just at the right spots !
What a TRADE
Gotta GO now ! 
Must drive it
round and round the mountain
for a while
to show off ...
or until I get dizzy ... ;-)

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