Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Fall is HERE ! Fall is HERE !
Finally, I can NO longer use summer as an EXCUSE ...
NOW is the time to stay in my studio,
INSIDE, guilt free
and work, WORK, work ...
But WAIT !
Did you see that BABY BLUE sky ?
Did you feel the WARMTH of the shy sun shining through the windows ? ...
The gentle breeze that makes YOU want to wear the UGLY sweater
your grandmother knitted just for YOU ?
The crispiness of the dried up LEAVES under your feet ?
Did you LOOK at the trees tinged with CANDY CORN colors ?
TASTE the sweet and mellow pleasure of PEAR wine on your tongue ?
SMELL the scent of TART apples lingering around ?
Did you TOUCH the velvety bumps of forest MOSS with the tip of your FINGERS ?
LISTEN to the crows cawing as they FLY after each other in CIRCLES ?
MARVEL at the amusing BEAUTY of pumpkins, squash AND sunflowers ?
Must take advantage of it ALL before winter gets HERE ...
Time to work ?
NO !
Today is a HOLIDAY !
Fall is HERE ! Fall is HERE !


Georgina said...

How beautiful out your way. I wish we had Fall here, but it's still too darn hot plus, this drought is a bummer!! I think God is punishing us because our governor is running for U.S. president!! LOL

Enjoy your lovely day and I missed your sale, but I'm going to order one of your beautiful little wood them all, so the decision is going to be very difficult. Ok, time for me to get back into my studio and continue with my Dia de los Muertos art stuff.


A Dancing Mango said...

Hey Tammy..
How are you?..
I feel the same way you do.
Yes, people like to shop now, so they have there goodies at hand.
Good thing you made these darling pieces of art.
Hugs, DArlene