Saturday, January 1, 2011

OH MY ! ! !

CAN it be 2011 ALREADY ?

Oh my, time flies when

you're HAVING FUN,

doesn't it ?

This year, I am determined

to PUSH this turquoise gate of OPPORTUNITIES

wide OPEN ! I do NOT intend to

wait in line at the door and SIGH ...

I wanna follow the yellow brick road

HOPSCOTCHING from one day to another ...

I wanna CREATE masterpieces

of GIANT sizes ... I wanna OPEN my heart

even WIDER ... I do NOT want to be GOOD

at what I am doing,

I wanna be BAD !

At the count of 3,

let's all CHARGE our door of possibilities,

head FIRST

and make this year



but the BEST

for YOU


for ME

in 2011 !


S said...

Best wishes from Greece for a very very Happy New Year!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Let me go put my Pirate boots on and get my plastic sword before we charge the gate, okay???
I want to charge in appropriate attire! ;D


sam said...

Feliz año 2011!!! Bendiciones y mucho amor para ti y tu familia!