Monday, March 29, 2010


They're HERE ! They're HERE !

Just one day of 75 degrees to melt away the remnant of ice at the surface of the pond is all they needed !

They're HERE !

The frogs have returned to their summer cottage by-the-lake!

And they are singing their heart away!

Oh! And the japanese snails too!

They are so beautiful and so good for the water ecosystem, chewing away algae and sparing the other goods plants.

And the bees !

The bees are buzzing around again!

All these spring sounds make me absolutely and totally happy !

Happy ! Happy!

I finished this little Fairy and Bees painting yesterday and you can bid on it on eBay.

I just love how the bees pop up from the canvas!

Merci, merci, merci !

for all your sweet comments about my art

and for participating in my

Sweet Spring Pink Giveaway !

This is so much fun !


Saturday, March 27, 2010


The sky is blue,

the sun is shining,

the birds are chirping ...

Just the right time for my

Sweet Pink Spring Giveaway !

Leave a comment here on my blog

before Friday, April 9

and you could win

a little pink Frida Corazon wooden block print,

a Blue Bird Ride wooden pendant

a bunch of almost-real robin eggs


a pair of vintage flowers earrings !

I will be announcing the name of the lucky winner

on Saturday, April 10

Bonne chance !

LuLu xxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


These days I am so busy ...

Getting ready for my Easter brunch with the family in a bit more than a week, baking spanakopita (spinash filo pastry) and baklavas (sweet pistachio and honey filo pastries) and making fondant-centered chocolate eggs and petits-fours for the big day ...

My parents will be coming over as well as my only brother Richard with his children and it if gets as warm as they forcast it to be, in the 80s !!!, we might dare take a dip in the half-thawed pond ...

Trying to finish a few commissioned paintings for two of my favorite customers, Anita and Lawrence and a big order of woodent pendants for a new funky store that just opened ...

Glueing the last bits of the 3D collage I am assembling on a big mirror frame for the living room ...

Sowing tomatoes, dalhias, parsley, basil, chards, green-heart yellow daisies, butterfly-bushes ...

But ...

Yesterday, I decided to stop everything I was doing and, on the spur of the moment, to paint this Sun-Moon Frida portrait.

I smile during the day, I cry during the night is what the words on the canvas say ... It reminds me of the little colorful painted coconut masks made in the state of Guerrero in Mexico, which I lovingly collect ....

Sun and Moon Frida is currently on eBay if you feel like bidding on it and in my Etsy shop as well, if you can not bear the thought of not winning it ...

I have so many canvases in the work on my tables right now, I amaze myself ! I will be listing a few more paintings this week for sure.

I just can't believe some people get bored and have nothing to do ...

I could use another life after this one and fill it up in a minute!

Enjoy your Spring !

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am not a jewel woman.

My fingers are completely bare, no rings nor wedding band. No necklace, pearl string or gold chain aroud my neck. No brooches on my breast nor bracelets on my arms.

The only adornments I wear is a tiny silver loop on my right ear and a very handy Timex Ironman watch on my left wrist.

I have a gigantic jewelry chest though, a big wooden box made by my bro Richard. It is filled to the rim with 60's custom colorful jewels and valuable antique gold trinkets of all kinds inherited from my grand-parents that I love to hold in my hands and play with.

And I have a very special Flinstones metal lunchbox where I hide my most precious piece of all, the silver-charm bracelet I was offered for my 6th birthday. I LOVE charms! The more intricate, the better ! The more funky and strange, the more I need to own them ! Not to wear it, mind you ... Just because these little miniatures are so much fun to collect and look at!

A couple of days ago, I decided to make wooden pendants with the reclaimed wood left out from making my little wooden block prints. Talk about recycling and upcycling !

Each pendant measures 7/8"x 1 3/4", 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" or 1" x 1 1/4", is coated with 4 layers of gloss, comes with a 21" ball-chain and a pink organza string pouch to store it in.

Aren't they charming and absolutely adorable?

I think they look like candies, yummy enough to eat!

I made 18 different ones and each of them is available in my
Etsy shop under the section Jewelry.

I will be making more styles soon and if there is a painting of mine you would like to have on a pendant, just let me know and I will make it just for you.

And no calories !

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last fall, I had a request from a customer to do a BIG Frida Kahlo y Las Flores de la Muerte canvas painting for her.

I decided to paint two of them and to keep the second one for our house. I never seem to be able to keep original artwork to decorate my own walls and never find the time to do commissioned art for moi.

I just do not have the space for it at the moment with all these renovations we are into and rather than put it aside until the right spot is freed and at the risk of breaking it while it is stored, I have decided to sell it.

It is bold and colorful and wild !

It is painted on a 24" x 30" gallery canvas and it is ready to be mounted on your wall. And it looks SUPER DOOPER OUTATHISWORLD FANTASTIC at this size!

I am offering it on eBay right now, if you want to take a chance and bid on it and it is also offered on Etsy at a fixed price, if you do not want to miss the chance to own it and you want it right now!

And on top of this, the owner will have the choice to leave it as is or I can add glitters or micca to each of the skulls in the painting to make it more funky!

I wish I could work on this size of canvas more often, it is so much fun!


Well, I guess you know by now that I have an ongoing love affair with Mexico.

I visited this country many times, I drove my old pickup truck twice from Southern Quebec to the Yucatan peninsula then criss-crossed the country from East to West, South to North.

I just love Mexico !

Love its people, its landcapes, its art, its history, its colors ...

It's been two years now since we last spent some time there and I miss it so ...

In March 2008, we took the plane in direction of the land of the mayas with our son Ulysse with whom we wanted so much to share our affection for this precious part of the world. We spent two weeks in Tulum, Yucatan, in the same little cement cottage we rented so many times during our prior visits on the coast of the Carribean Sea.

Despite big changes happening throughout the years, the spirit of this little paradise had not been spoiled. The palms trees looked better and taller, the nature was still intact, the village had grown and become much more commercial. But the ocean was as beautiful, the people still real and friendly, the accent of the language as charming, the magic was still intact ...

The room was simple, with two double-beds and a bathroom. I slept out on the porch in a hammac every single night we spent there, guarded by a few errand dogs and an iguana trio.

We walked, we fished, we met old and new friends. We swam and played so much in the waves that our skin shrank just like after a too-long bath.

We visited with old families we had met a while ago, Ulysse got spoiled by the abuelitas (grand-mothers) during a sumptuous meal one night, we stuffed our face on our daily visit to the pandaria (bakery). Ah! the smells of the fruits in the markets, of the fish cooking in a pit on the beach, of the fresh coconuts Ulysse opened each morning and that we nibbled on as the day stretched forever...

Ah! Mexico, mi amor!

Early at dawn, we would walk all three of us, fishing gear in hand, towards a point that was a favorite among local fishermen.

We did a lot of beachcombing on our way and on one of these excursions, we noticed a bunch of mean looking birds quarelling for a bit of food that had washed ashore. As we got nearer, they flew away and left their treasures. One of the birds came back furious at our intrusion, flew near our heads to scare us but as he screamed out of his beak fell this tiny little creature ...

A hermit crab !

Poor little fellow had survived his deadly kidnapping!

Ulysse held him in his hand and brought him back to our room. We kept him in a little bowl with daily fresh water and fruit pieces and marvelled at the details of his tiny body. We named him Bernardo, very appropriate since the name in French for a hermit-crab is a Bernard l'hermite.

When came the time to take the bus to the airport to fly back home, we decided to take him with us. Ulysse did not want to abandon him. So, I hid him in a little zippered pouch in my shoulder pouch and he crossed the borders twice without any problems.

We offered him a nice little condo in Frelighsburg, with authentic salty sand that we brought also from the beach), seashells of all kinds in case he got in the mood for a bigger appartment, fish flakes, veggies and fruits as well as proper heat and light ...

Two years have gone by since we first met our little mexican crustacean friend and believe it or not, he is still living happily with us. Ulysse promised him that next time we go to Mexico, we will take him back with us to his native country.

But we learned sadly yesterday that the little turquoise cottage we called our Yucatecan heaven is no longer. The place has been torned down and will soon be the site of a more ritzy private resort ...

I am telling you, friends, paradise on heart is shredding at a vertiginous speed.

Hurrry up, take your kids with you and travel a bit around the world before all of it is gone for good ...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Spring !

Maple season

is almost finished,

the pussy willows are already seated in the branches,

the first red-winged black birds are chatting in the fields

and my dahlia bulbs are pushing their new stems out as fast as possible.

This year, spring has arrived here almost a month earlier than normal after the mildest winter with the lowest snow falls ever recorded here in Quebec.

Strange and not so reassuring ...

Meaning not much water in stock for the coming summer and mercy on all the damaging insects that usually do not make it during the cold season ...

But ...

it feels so good to be springing again !

Another month has gone since my last post and I am not happy about it. My once-broken hand had to be "retouched" and "realigned" and for 3 weeks I had to wear a contraption to keep my fingers from moving too much. Not good for drawing and painting and typing (and doing the dishes, cleaning up the house, cleaning the kitties litter - all the fun stuff I so totally adore doing ;-D).

The doc removed it last Friday and so far so good. No pain at all and most of my dexterity seems to have returned.


So much artsy stuff to make now, so many ideas spilling out of my brain and so much energy to burn !

I had to paint a very soft painting with tons of green and yellows for the arrival of this early spring. A palette of the colors of my heart right now ...

This sweet Spring Angel with Blue Birds 8"x16" canvas painting is on eBay if you want to bid on it and on Etsy if you really, really want it now.

More various goodies, new canvas paintings and a new Spring Giveaway are coming soon !

I will chirp and whistle when they are ready !

Hope you find a bit of time in your busy day to go outside and marvel at the tiny perennial miracles that this new season is bringing in your neighborhood ...