Monday, November 8, 2010


Do dogs feel GUILTY ?

Do they have REMORSES

about things they did that were


Hell, yes !

But they sure DO know how to be forgiven ...

Look at the present

they brought me back this morning !

My favorite !

A nicely bleached old cow SKULL ...

GOOD dogs !

GOOD, GOOD doggies !


I'm giving an art WORKSHOP today

at my son's highschool.


Imagine being 14

and having YOUR MOM in your classroom

for 90 minutes !!!

Here are the rules I MUST follow :

DO NOT wear striped socks,

red shoes and short skirt !

DO NOT wear earing

on one ear only !

TAME your hairdo !

And DO NOT act TOO cool !

I'll do my VERY best

looking like a REGULAR mother !

Cross my HEART !

hey, hey ...


Gloria said...

How funny that your son gave you instructions on how to act, dress, etc. Tee hee. I'm sure you were on your best. That's a great skull, have fun with it.

Sophia said...

hahaha You always find a way to make me smile and/or laugh. :)

yoborobo said...

When they are 14 they don't want to know you publicly. Thankfully, they still like us when we are at home, most of the time - lol! What good doggies you have. When I lived in northern California, my lab used to bring me deer antlers. :) xox - Pam

Peachy Cheek said...

I love the skull!! What a funny coincidence. Just last night I was talking about getting one. I love to hang one in my living room:)

Your son is too cute!!!

Take care,