Monday, October 25, 2010



kids could be KIDS

without being over protected by adults ...

When I was a kid living in the city,

I could play hockey on the street

and the neighbors would not be ANNOYED

by our excited screaming ...

We could stay outside hours in a row

building forts and snowmen in the snow

and our parents would NOT WORRY

about frost bites ...

We could experiment with anything

without CONSTANTLY being WATCHED by an adult ...

We could go to the corner store

and buy candies,


without feeling GUILTY about it ...

Remember bubble gum CIGARS,

flying saucers,

sour-powder STRAWS,

black balls,

COLORFUL dots glued on paper ...


filled with syrup ?

I SURVIVED childhood very well ...

with only 3 cavities ...

Not BAD hey ?


Jodaeodesign said...

I remember all of those candies and walking down to the corner store. Ahhh, childhood.

pinkglitterfae said...

oh you are making me nostalgic, lol! my childhood was pretty carefree too. Me and my best friend would walk downtown when the summer carnival was on, and enjoy the rides and treats, no parents had to hover over us. Times sure have changed.

I remember all those candies you mention, I loved the straws with powder too, and the likm ade (powder in the package and you got a delicious candy to dip in it),
and the wax vampire teeth, haha!