Sunday, October 31, 2010


WHITE Halloween

has not happened here

for over TWENTY years ...

A couple of snowflakes

here and there

at night is usual

but a TOTALLY white

Trick or Treat

outing is strange

and so PERFECT !

WHITE plastic skeleton decorations outside

powdered with a good coat of WHITE glitters ...

DARK skeleton bare tree branches

dipped in WHITE stuff ...

The snow skates and boards

are ALREADY out,

an inch or two of snow is


for mommies,


and vampires

to slide down the mountain ...


And remember,

do NOT eat candies and drive !


Just gave a push down the hill to my son

who decided he is finally going

trick or treating

at the village

on his skate

dressed as Where's Waldo ...

At 5'9" and 14 years old,

my baby wanted to dress up as Slash

but I suggested it might not be the best of ideas ...

What a sight Charlie was

going down the mountain on his rad

skull and bone


while flakes were falling

here and there ...

1 comment:

yoborobo said...

It sounds so beautiful. We have a cool, clear night filled with stars. Happy Halloween! xox Pam