Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Autumn is sneaking in


but surely ...

Trees dotted with yellow leaves

here and there ...

Cooler sunsets

with looooong shadows and

a big pile of stove wood

waiting to be stacked.

Time to keep the doors closed

at night

to keep the critters away ...

Everyone here,

large or small,

agrees ...


Georgina said...

No sign of Fall here in ol' El Paso, TX...temps still quite warm, in the lower 90's, and as for critters, we always have those in the form of scorpions, tarantulas, flying bugs, etc...eeeewwwww!!! LOL

Just looking forward to cooler weather soon, well, in November at least!! This was a particularly long and very hot summer down here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Gia said...

Lulu! I love reading your words. You make everything seem so much more magical. Xoxo