Thursday, September 2, 2010


Himalayan Impatients

suddenly appeared in the garden years ago ...

They germinated where they chose to,

just like a weed,

and this tall reddish-stem plant surprised us

with the most beautiful clusters of pink tropical flowers

towards the end of the summer.

They are free,



and bees love them ...

So, next spring,

we will dot the land with a couple of beehives

and let these friends mingle together for a while ...

We will then be able to add another feather

to the family's self-sufficiency hat

by enjoying homemade honey ;-)


Carousel Dreams said...

Yum! Your own home-grown honey - what a treat!

pinkglitterfae said...

sounds wonderful! we have to do what we can to help the bees, too many disappeared the last few years.
these pretty impatients are the best kind of 'weeds' lol!