Friday, August 6, 2010


I am a fetishist.

I have an obsession.

I love hands.

Women's hands.

Men's hands.

Children's hands.

Living hands.

Doll hands.

Statue hands.

Sculpture hands.

Hands in paintings

and in famous pictures.

Hands as objects.

I am a hand maniac.

Through the years

I have taken thousands of hand photos.

I strongly believe hands

are the reflection of people's soul,

revealing in their individuality,

one's true hidden personality ...


priti.lisa said...

You've become quite poetic...and I like it very much :)
Happy Birthday to your musical son.
My guitar hero turns 20 tomorrow!

I love hands too. They are right up there with eyes!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love this Lulu, both the words and the photo. Meant to comment yesterday and somehow the whole day got usual.
I get a feeling of beiung in a peaceful place with the cropping of the shot; a church garden, a cemetary, somewhere that the breeze blows and the birs sing and all is quiet.
Mmmmmm....nice thought!