Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If you can not live in the desert,

make the desert come

and live with YOU !

Life-size seguaro cactus in a pot !

But not just your regular cactus !

No, this one is a yew topiary,


and patiently shaped with scissors.

Spotted it at a local greenhouse

while driving around with my Mexican friend Luisa.

We just stood there,

looked at each other

and laughed,

it is such an unusual sight

in Southern Quebec.

Wish I could borrow it for a day,

park it in a field nearby,

wait for the sunset

and take a picture ...



Isabel said...

That would be a kodak moment!:O) in the middle of a field with the sunset in the background:O)Love youre art:O)

Georgina said...

I just came back from the land of real Saguaro cacti!! I spent a few days in Phoenix, AZ with my sister...needed a much deserved rest. It was hot and humid since it has been raining. I told her years ago when it rains in AZ, that's when you water your cactus where ever you live!! LOL NOw she doesn't have to worry since she lives there.

The sunsets were gorgeous, but they are something else out here in West TX too...especially when I look at our mountains outside my front door...they turn a beautiful colour of orange, purple, green...just lovely.

Have a great week.