Wednesday, June 23, 2010




The snapping turtles were out on the road a couple of night ago,

digging through dirt right in the middle of the road

to nest and lay their eggs.

Many of them get killed every summer

and they are a protected specie in this region.

They can weigh 40-80 pouds and live well into their 40s.

And they can chop one of your fingers in a few seconds ...

I picked up and moved off the road 26 of them

and they were not friendly ...

A couple of people joined me and we just sat there

and waited 'till 1 a.m. to see who would be back

smack right in the middle of the road again.

3 of them made the move,

the others did not return.

The whole adventure was like a scene in movie,

capturing snarling and biting mini-dinosaurs

under the light of the half-full-moon ...

Aren't they the cutest and most adorable

creatures you have ever seen ?

Job well done !

Only 4 turtles returned to the road yesterday night ...

One of them must have weigh 50 pounds

and was as fierce as an alligator ...

Yes, I do have a crazy friend that will dare do anything,

even put his head in the mouth of a lion,

I mean, put his finger in the mouth of a snapping turtle !


Micki said...

Wow those are superb photographs!! sounds like you had a heap of fun lol

Micki x

pinkglitterfae said...

you are awesome to protect them like this! they are cute little things, even if they snap at you, lol! I can't believe your friend put his finger so close to it's mouth, he's just asking for trouble, haha!

Emma said...

Great photos! Thank you for helping the turtles this way!

Georgina said...

Don't think I would put my finger in a snapping turtle's mouth...guess your friend has good reflexes!! LOL

Janine said...

I would have liked to sit there too and watch this wonderful animals.
You made some very good shots.

sassypackrat said...

That's so kind of you to move them out of danger! I appreciate you doing that even if they don't!

oldblackcatboo said...

OH! I love this post!
The photos are so great!
and I just adore you for being so wonderful and helping them!
XOXO - Cindi

(I can just see you making an awesome painting of one them, maybe making the colors a bit more vibrant than they really are! LOL!)

Susan Faye said...

Don't those turtles know..."Never bite the hand that saves you from oncoming traffic"? Those are some mighty lucky turtles with some special guardian angels!