Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I look at the way we live and our surroundings
and I am sure a lot o people must think we are
crazy, or at least very weird.

My 13-year old son collects aluminium stuff
and smelts it in his home-made special stove
powered by an old hair-dryer,
the mushroom-style one women used
in the 60s to dry their rolled-up do.

I roam around, by foot or by car,
hunting skulls and skeletons of road kills
and I will add any piece of outstanding nature
I can put my hand on in a new box in my studio.

My boyfriend has a passion of his own: old bicycles.
He will grab them here and there,
sometimes at the junkyard,
some other times put aside on the road
to be picked up by the trash truck.

He especially loves the 70s style ones,
the ones with the Mustang handle bars
and the banana seat.

Not that he is a sport addict of some kind
or a collector of vintage transportation means.


Inspired by Picasso a long time ago, he transforms them into animal or human skulls.

The handles become the horns or the crossed bones and the seat the skull itself. Many of his creations are displayed on the rough wooden wall outside of his workshop. He did it just for fun but has ended up selling quite a few.

We were all laughing this morning when the insurance inspector came over to appraise our "estate" (ohhh! I love this word, it sounds so mundane !!!).

Ulysse was smelting some aluminum cans outside of Francois's shop, right in front of a wall covered with bike-skulls (that is how we call these creations) while I was cleaning up some birds's skulls I found at the beach on our recent trip to Maine.

I am telling you...

He had a weird look on his face

when he quickly got back to his car....


Georgina said...

Hahahaha, would have loved to see that "Kodak" moment!! I love the bicycle art....who's a thunk it!! LOL I will never look at an old bike the same ever again. What fun you all must be having up in your beautiful "estate!"


yoborobo said...

LuLu! I LOVE that skull - love love love! I know I would adore your house and everything in it. You are a whole gaggle of artists, aren't you? :) xox Pam

priti.lisa said...

Let your freak flag fly!
Can you imagine being one of the BORING people?

Those bike skulls are rockin the joint...Wonderful, recycled ART!

priti.lisa said...

Let your freak flag fly!
Wouldn't it be awful to be one of the BORING people?
Those bike skulls are rockin the joint!
Wonderful, recycled ART!

oldblackcatboo said...

That is So Great! LOL!
I LOVE it!
I bet it's pure bliss at your home, everyone busy creating...what a great way to live!
Obviously never a dull moment!

La Chica Pájaro© said...

Son muy chulos! I love it!

Fair Rosamund said...

These sculptures are so cool! I wanted to let you know that I have a Sunshine award for you on my blog. It is here if you want it:

Have a good weekend! :) ~Lauren

SKIZO said...


blueberries in the fields said...

love those skulls !
i am having a giveaway in my blog Lulu !
come see. :)