Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am not a jewel woman.

My fingers are completely bare, no rings nor wedding band. No necklace, pearl string or gold chain aroud my neck. No brooches on my breast nor bracelets on my arms.

The only adornments I wear is a tiny silver loop on my right ear and a very handy Timex Ironman watch on my left wrist.

I have a gigantic jewelry chest though, a big wooden box made by my bro Richard. It is filled to the rim with 60's custom colorful jewels and valuable antique gold trinkets of all kinds inherited from my grand-parents that I love to hold in my hands and play with.

And I have a very special Flinstones metal lunchbox where I hide my most precious piece of all, the silver-charm bracelet I was offered for my 6th birthday. I LOVE charms! The more intricate, the better ! The more funky and strange, the more I need to own them ! Not to wear it, mind you ... Just because these little miniatures are so much fun to collect and look at!

A couple of days ago, I decided to make wooden pendants with the reclaimed wood left out from making my little wooden block prints. Talk about recycling and upcycling !

Each pendant measures 7/8"x 1 3/4", 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" or 1" x 1 1/4", is coated with 4 layers of gloss, comes with a 21" ball-chain and a pink organza string pouch to store it in.

Aren't they charming and absolutely adorable?

I think they look like candies, yummy enough to eat!

I made 18 different ones and each of them is available in my
Etsy shop under the section Jewelry.

I will be making more styles soon and if there is a painting of mine you would like to have on a pendant, just let me know and I will make it just for you.

And no calories !


Sophia said...

They are simply darling!! :) You do such great work. I went to your Etsy shop but did not see a jewelry section. Am I overlooking it? :)

sUz said...

they are FABULOUS lulu!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

They are ALL so terrific!!! So very colorful and just so fun! :) I think they will do very well. Theresa

claire barone art said...

I really love your work these are very special they should fly out of your shop clairex

Gloria said...

Oh those are so cute. They won't last long. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is good with you.

Rina said...

love your work and these are adorable!!! LOVE em!!! off to check em out

B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

Beautiful, I LOVE them!

claire barone art said...


snippetgirl said...

oooooooohhh fun!!!! I MUST go check them out!!!
Happy Spring, Lulu!

Flor Larios Art said...

LULU!!! amiga mia estan deliciosos!!!
Me encantan :)
Que linda la foto de grupo...todo muy lindo.Te felicito y SUERTE!
Un beso,

pd. Gracias por dejar tus mensajes tan creativos en mi blog :)

Georgina said...

How absolutely precious. I too am not one that wears much jewelry anymore. If I do, it's my Indian jewelry I've had for silver. I must admit, that earrings are my favorite things to collect.

But these days, I wear my religious bracelet, my small gold bracelet given to me by my grandmother when I was an adolescent and my father's college grad ring. I have a beautiful wedding set, but I prefer my father's ring and my hubby doesn't have a problem with that...he doesn't wear his band either!! LOL

Love your little necklaces...I might have to just buy one!!


Eulalia Cornejo said...

love your art!!!

Janine said...

They look wonderful,
that is really candy for the eyes.
I love your special style so much, no matter what size.
Have a great week

blueberries in the fields said...

oh wow ! Lulu !!! c est bijou sont de vrais petites merveilles ! je les adore ! Il y a longtemps que je veux tenter ma chance à faire des bijou comme ceux-ci en dessinant de petites muffinpie, mais j ai la trouille de pas les faire aussi jolie que je les voudrais. ma fille qui arrive demain va me montrer qq petits trucs, yééé !Demeurant là-bas en Belgique ( elle fait sa matrise en gestion culturel ) on a pas la chance de la voir autant que l on voudrait. j espère qu elle reviendra plus souvent, ou bien c est maman qui va voler jusque là bas :)
continue tes bijous, ils sont adorables !!!
bisous du comté d 'Argenteuil