Monday, March 29, 2010


They're HERE ! They're HERE !

Just one day of 75 degrees to melt away the remnant of ice at the surface of the pond is all they needed !

They're HERE !

The frogs have returned to their summer cottage by-the-lake!

And they are singing their heart away!

Oh! And the japanese snails too!

They are so beautiful and so good for the water ecosystem, chewing away algae and sparing the other goods plants.

And the bees !

The bees are buzzing around again!

All these spring sounds make me absolutely and totally happy !

Happy ! Happy!

I finished this little Fairy and Bees painting yesterday and you can bid on it on eBay.

I just love how the bees pop up from the canvas!

Merci, merci, merci !

for all your sweet comments about my art

and for participating in my

Sweet Spring Pink Giveaway !

This is so much fun !



Gloria said...

Beautiful Lulu. You are so poetic. I love the way you speak of all the beauty you see. Thanks for sharing. bye bye Happy Easter.

Janine said...

I have seen the first bees and frogs too, but not such a sweet creature like this.
I love her!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What AMAZING photos that sweet little bee, frog and snail!!!! It was nice of them all to pose for you. :) Spring is definitely here...finally!!! Your faerie is so sweet - love the little bees flitting around her. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Theresa

B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

Beautiful photos and FABULOUS painting, Lulu!
Happy Easter :*)

oldblackcatboo said...

I LOVE those photos!
and I ADORE the painting!
Happy Easter!

Emma said...

Welcome back to the frogs and snails and bees! :)

Also, I love this painting! :)

snippetgirl said...

Happy Spring, Lulu! Your photos never cease to amaze me!! They are always stunning. And your painting is equally wonderful.
Many purrs,

Rina said...

AAWW Great photos...and love love the painting!!!