Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I love bright colors !

And I adore colorful little objects of all kinds grouped together. These amusing arrangements scattered around my house make me smile when I walk pass them. These little toys and figures are tiny treasures I found in local thrift stores a few weeks ago and gifts a friend brought me back from Mexico.

They inspire me so !


My studio has gone back to its incredibly messy state, which is a very good sign. I have been working on so many paintings and projects at the same time there is not an inch of table top available for more at the moment ...

See all these sketches? Yes! They are all on canvas now, half-way done and soon to be available in my shop. I feel incredibly creative these days, I think my newly-fixed right hand has a life of itself ! It just flies around !

Winter is always a good season for me. I can stay all day in my studio without feeling guilty. When spring arrives, nature's call is so strong that I have to wear ear-muffs all day-long. This way, I do not hear the mermaid-flowers' songs calling me and begging me to "please come and play with us". But ... The animals are completely depressed and so miserable !

Life is tough, I tell you !

Hibernation is the solution !

I added these 3 little Frida wooden block prints in my Etsy shop yesterday. Don't they look lovely grouped together on a pink wall? I have many other styles available and if you purchase 5 of them you get another one for FREE !

I have also relisted two original paintings on eBay, a Little Striped Witch and a Dark Angel with Skulls. These paintings were sold but the buyer could not go through with payment due to illness, a situation that I completely understand. These two paintings are posted in the right-hand column here. Hopefully, they will be adopted soon! If you do not wish to bid, they are also listed in my Etsy store!

Well, enough said ! Gotta go back to work !

And before I forget, did I ever tell you how much I enjoy your visits and the comments you leave ?

You are the sunshine of my blog !


Georgina said...

I just love your environment. Love that Frida Cocohead too...I have a couple of them, but not Fridas. My studio is in terrible shape...looks as if someone threw a grenade in there and shut the door!! LOL I too have a collection of colour throughout my house, but can't help that and don't want to either. Growing up on the border, one can't help the colour and culture and I'm very happy to be part of both!!

Have a great day and enjoy your snow. We have rain today, but sunshine and warm weather ahead of us for the weekend....YAY!!


snippetgirl said...

Oh, Lulu, your posts always perk up my day! I LOVE bright colors too, especially when it is dreary outside. I adore your eclectic treasures, your curled up kitty and your new block lovely!
Happy almost Valentine's Day!

oldblackcatboo said...

OH! I love this post!
Your pets are adorable!
But I must say, YOUR messy is MY neat and tidy! LOL!
I love your work! Love the bright colors!

Gloria said...

All looks good in your homefront as do the family pet members. I bet you are looking forward to your gardening, I know I am. Have a great rest of the week Lulu and continue being creative.

yoborobo said...

Hi LuLu! I love your house! And I have little toys on my bookshelf (also from the thrift store) near where I work. They keep me company. :) Love the pieces your friend brought you from Mexico! Have a great weekend - Pam

Janine said...

I love your little bit of everything.
These are so colourful items.
What agreat inspiration.
Have a lovely weekend