Thursday, January 28, 2010


Outch !

I guess the last one has been pulled out and I can now seriously start this new year properly.

Rest in peace, little voodoo doll ...

Sorry I have been away so long, dear blogging friends ...

It all started in early November when my computer crashed, once again, then totally died on me.  I ordered a shiny new laptop from Dell and waited for it patiently while I barely managed to keep track of my little art business on my old dinosaur iMac.

As days turned into weeks, Dell kept on postponing delivery and I must have spent around 20 hours on the phone trying to trace the darn laptop, talking with agents from India, Morocco and Tunisia.

My wooden block prints were selling so good, I just couldn't believe it!  I sold 125 of them to a lady who owns a small store in Australia, then another 75 to a couple in Arizona who wanted to offer them as party favors on their wedding day.  As soon as I made a new batch, they disapeared almost instantly!

After almost giving up on it, my laptop finally showed up on a certain December afternoon.  I was so excited and so happy!  I waited for Ulysse to return from school to unwrap it.  We marveled at its beauty for a few minutes then pushed the power button, holding our breath ...  The motor started but the screen went blank and the operating system did not kick in !!!  WHAT?  Went back on the phone, steam coming out of my ears and after examining this devil's toy, I found out this laptop no operating system was ever installed in it.   I would have to return it to the company then wait for delivery of a replacement which would take approximately 3 weeks !  WHAT?  I almost threw the thing by the window then run my car over it !!  ENOUGH !  Instead, I drove to the electronic store and got myself a super-dooper fast and powerful Acer laptop in a few minutes and came back home with it whithin half a hour!  It works like a charm too ...

The morning after as I was cleaning my studio to make space for my new God-given tool, the cherry topped the sundae!  Climbed in my ladder, I was taking down a heavy box from the top shelf in my studio when one of the steps broke and made me tumble backwards on the floor.  The box tumbled too and landed right on top of my right hand.  Crack!  Broke a bone in two !

Noooooooooooo!  Not my right hand !  Not a few weeks before Christmas when things are totally crazy and you dream of being a octopus to handle all the tasks that lie in front of you !  Not the hand I use to paint, draw and  write ! Not this hand !  No choice I had ...  The doctor had to put my hand in a cast for 6 weeks ...

Just image spending 6 long weeks trying to live normally without the use of your favorite hand.  I was pretty upset about it ...  But Christmas would be here soon, my son would be on vacation for almost two weeks, my sales were great, I had a few friends and my parents to help out on the assembly line of my Etsy store, I was not seriously sick at the hospital nor paralyzed, I was not dying of hunger, there was no war going on in this part of the world and my family was fine.  This was a simple stupid accident and I would have to deal with it.  So I did ...

The cast was removed a week ago and despite fears of having articulation problems my hand is doing pretty good!  It has regained 98% of its capacity and yesterday I spent the first day in a long time painting my heart away.  And it feels so good !

Now I am writing to you and I can type almost as fast as I used to !

Just wanted to drop by and tell you why I had been quiet for so long ...

But I read what you were up to, visited with you guys on a daily basis.  Reading is one thing I did a lot of ...  And walking too ...  Walked 90 minutes 7 days a week, rain or snow or shine!  Now I look terrific, floating in my old pair of jeans with my skinny right hand !

I will be dangerous in my studio in the coming weeks, I can tell you that!

To start with, I just listed 5 different Valentine wooden block prints in my Etsy store|.  They are small and cute and painted red all around and full of love.  They would make wonderful little gifts for your precious one or ones!

Come over for a visit!

And remember!|  Buy two regular prints and get the 3rd one FREE!|  Or buy 5 wooden block prints and get another one of your choice FREE!

I should have a few more new little things in my shop this week and a few new original paintings next week.  So stay tuned!

I must go now, my poor little hand is exhausted !

Oh!  I am so happy to be able to chat with you guys!  I have missed it so much!

Hugs to you all,



Bon said...

So glad you're back :-)

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Awwww I was wondering where you were hiding. I came to visit a few times but no show. She must be busy busy on Vaca. Now I hear this and I'm sooooo sorry about your hand being broken for those weeks. I broke my ankle in three place at the end of November not walking for months but I tell you this it does not compare with a broken hand especially the right one. I would be sooo devastated if that were to happen to me. How important it is to use that hand. Not being able to create for two weeks. I'd go mad I tell you, simply mad!! I 'm happy you are back happy and well.

Your new creation are lovely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will own a piece or two one day soon!!

I love your work!!

Happy New Year 2010!

Amor para ti y que viva siempre el art que illumina el alma.


Kelly said...

Wondered how you were...I kept my eye on your blog...hoping all was well.
Wow. So sorry about the hand, but glad you're doing better. You're absolutely right about the perspective of it.See now I am perpetually frustrated by computers...completely love-hate...and feel so dependent on them sometimes. arg.
Glad you're back. Congrats on your sales and as always, your paintings are sooo lovely.

priti.lisa said...

Hi LuLu, Glad you are on the mend. I like your attitude...
if everyone threw their troubles in a would take your own back. True, isn't it?
I heart your new blocks :)
xox, Lisa

Diane Duda said...

Wow! Anything but the right hand!
So glad it's back to normal (almost) and that the computer issues have been taken care of (how frustrating).
Great news about the booming business and also the skinny jeans!
You were missed. :)

Gloria said...

Hi Lulu, missed you. Oh I am so sorry you broke a bone. Ouch! I can almost feel the pain. I am so happy that you are in recovery mode and once again painting. Another computer went kerplunk? I remember last year one caught fire or something and you had to get another. Sometimes I wonder about DELL. I know we had to return the big screen monitor because it wouldn't sit up right. They sent one back to us right away and all is far. Anyway I am glad you are back, but take care of yourself. Your little paintings are awesome as always. Happy New Year amiga.

Heidi said...

Wow! No wonder you feel like you have been a victim of the ole' black magic! Glad to hear you are well on your way to recovery. :)

Georgina said...

Lulu, so glad you're back. Wow, what a bit of bad luck and at such a bad time of year. My computer crashed and burned in early Dec. and was without anything till after Christmas. Would go over to my mother's house and use my father's old dino-puter gawd, my hair turned grayer and my clothes went out of style just waiting for the darn thing to warm up and start...oey vey.

Your little wood blocks are wonderful and just love them. Take care and please, watch out for those pesky ladders!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Glad to see you back though truly SORRY about the computer fiasco and the hand business. I made the dumb choice for Dec. 16th for a total hip replacement......yep, that was interesting during the holidays! LOL!!! It's still interesting.... ;)
Your work is beautiful and congratulations on the success with the pieces! Not surprised!
From my little corner of th art world, where nothing is happening right now...


oldblackcatboo said...

OMG! It hurts ME to just LOOK at the X-Ray of your hand. I can only imagine the pain. You poor thing!
(At my day job when I have to do something semi-dangerous, I always say "Wait, Not my GOOD hand!" but I know it's instinct to throw out our good one!)
LOVE your prints!
So happy that they are selling so well (but of course, they're adorable!)
I totally understand the computer thing, (I easily have a meltdown over anything electronic!)
But I'm kinda envious of you being so skinny! LOL! XOXO - Cindi

Danita said...

That's a nightmare!!! Your right hand!!! I hope you're feeling so much better now... and I'm glad you are able to paint again!

Jill said...

Welcome back! Hope your hand continues to heal up nicely & the new computer holds up! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! ~ Jill

Janine said...

Oh dear , oh dear.
What a start to the new year.
I am glad your hand is better now, and that you are back.
I missed your colourful work.
I´ll sheck out your etsy store at once.

Mama Llama said...

I'm glad you are back, and I hope you are feeling better.

Did you make that cute little voo doo doll?

Susan said...

Welcome back, what a winter you have had. Glad you are feeling better. You need to show us a picture of the new, svelte figure. Take care, Susan.

Kim Mailhot said...

Welcome back Lulu ! So glad that your wing has healed ! Looks like you are back to flying already big time.
Congratulations on all the success. The wooden blocks are wonderful.
See you in Blogland more often now. Happy Painting !

Pamela Holderman said...

Glad you are back. I was starting to wonder... Oh I can't imagine all you have been through. So glad you are better.

kecia said...

hi lulu - found you after you left me a commment for OWOH. i don't see an email for you and have a question for you and was wondering if you might email me at (you can just type "your question" in the subject line if it makes you more comforatable when emailing me.....)

thanks for your time,