Sunday, April 19, 2009


Excuse my goofiness but this post is an assortment of little things that happened in the last days, not necessarily in the right order.
I have been such a blog bum lately!

It is simply too beautiful outside and whenever I have a spare moment, I must run out of my studio !

I am always full of good intentions early in the morning, thinking I will do this and that on my blog later on ... Then, the day passes by and I am still too busy ... Night comes, I sit and start a post but I am too tired to finish it and it gets saved. A couple of days later, I end up with a surprise bag of penny-candy posts and I feel bad that I have not been better at finishing any of them.

So, here are little snips of little daily happenings ...

This little Blonde Mermaid with Frog Prince is a commissioned painting I did for a customer. Both of us are real happy with the results, I think Mr. Ribbit is quite a charmer !!! I am also working on a couple of mermaid paintings that should be added to my Etsy shop next weekend. I don't know if it is because of all this trout-fishing-trip-up-North-in-Quebec-project talking about the 3 of us have been having, but I am in a fins, scales and tail mood of painting !

A couple of years ago, I started assembling terrariums in old glass jars. I made quite a few of different sizes, some in old rectangular aquariums, some in old fish bowls, some others in clear candy jars. I love the fact that you can build a natural lilliputian landscape out of forest miniature plants, composted soil, river rocks, old branches and little characters like tiny fancy porcelaine figures or funky plastic toys. I found this pretty jar in a garage sale a few weeks ago and knew it needed to be inhabited somehow ... Well, last Saturday, I found a leprechaun had started squatting it ! Don't you just love it? Everyone should have a little world under glass in their home ...

New girls in the posse ! Last Sunday, I drove to Roxton Pond to get a couple new hens for Mr. Jello the Roo's harem. I wanted to get some fancier hens and I had heard about this gentleman raising only old heirloom poultry. So I visited him and came back with 4 new girls, two Maran hens (black ones) and two Delaware (white ones). There were so many kinds to choose from ! But we wanted tough ones that can stand cold weather easily and that are reliable in their egg production and these were the best available kinds. We raise our chicken for their companionship, they roam around and are not prisoners in a fence. We also enjoy getting fresh eggs daily and will NEVER kill our older hens because their no longer lay or for their meat. NO! Once egg production has stopped, they too are allowed to retire happily ...

On my way back home, driving through Granby and waiting at the red light, I could not believe my eyes !

Look at the car that drove by !

Too bad I was not on the other side to get a better view but at least I had a few seconds to snap a picture of this amazing vehicle.

Can you believe the skeleton riding a bike attached to the read end bumper?

Well, this might not be the car of my dreams but you have to admit it takes a lot of guts to drive around in a black hot-rod with such a creature hitching a ride in the back !

I love it !

I love to be astonished !

I love it that there are still people out there not affraid to be themselves !

People who do not want to follow the crowds ! People who dare, people who like to play, to have fun ! People who do not care crossing the border ! Other big kids like me, who like to amuse and be amused !

Oh la la! That is enough said in one post! Gotta go back to work soon before something else grabs my attention ...

Like the birds singing so loud and happily ...

Like the new issue of Canadian Gardener that just came in the mail ...

Like this apple cake recipe that needs to be tried ...

And those rocks in the potager that should be moved as soon as possible to make space for a new hot pepper plants bed ...

And ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Early after supper yesterday night, I decided to clean up my garden shed.

As you must know by now, I am a keeper and saver of all kinds of refused-by-others treasures. I constantly hunt for old rusted metal objects, tools, nuts and bolts as well as utensils, washing machine buttons and bed springs.

Just before the first snowstorm last fall, I had found a bunch of knick-knacks in the back of an old shop and decided to store it for a future project. And yesterday, I found it and there, at that exact moment, I knew I had to do something with it ...

The old heart-shape cake pan was seated on two large rusted coffee can covers et voilà ! a mouse head started to take shape !

I just love the magic that happens when you start assembling things that were not meant to be put side by side. I get possessed by an internal creative devil, I stop thinking rationally and simply glue one piece of junk to another than another on top, and oh ! yes! what about this one glued here?

Then, when the creation is done, I stop vibrating, put my clothes back on, tie my wild hair back in a bun and start breathing again.

How do you call such a creative process

It took about 3/4 of an hour for Heavy Metal Minnie Mouse to come alive and I just love her!

See how many discarded pieces you can spot in this sculpture?

Oh! that was fun ! Gotta do it again soon!

Upcycling, this is what it is all about !

Sunday, April 12, 2009


How can I describe the arrival of Spring, here in Southern Quebec ?

Which words could I use to translate the feelings of letting Winter return from where it came from to let in warm sunshine that heats our hearts and our souls ?

Ah! the deafening sound of the peepers chanting all together in the pond while mating !

Oh! the white and grey colors of the landscapes turning into green and blue and yellow !

Ah! to finally be able to dig the soil, open it to breath and put your hands in its cool and humid mixture !

Oh! to be able to stay longer outside after supper and not have to turn the lights on inside at 4 o'clock in the afternoon !

Ah! the fields untouched by the farmers, laying there so quiet and peaceful and promising !

Oh! to find raw art created last fall before the first snow, left in place outside, so exciting, waiting to be caressed by our eyes again !



Pure happiness ...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Oh la la ! ! !

It's been a crazy week, working so hard in my studio trying to finish each of the commissioned painting I had lined up in front of me plus working on a 180-illustration job I got from an old publishing client, all needing to be done yesterday and all needing to be finished now !!!

But I did it ! ! !

Today was my first off day and like a crazy french canadian, I tried doing all kinds of things together just like super woman is supposed to do.

I cleaned the garden, ordered new chicken, made Easter fondant-center-chocolate eggs, baked a carrot cake for the celebration en famille tomorrow, hunted in the woods to find small plants for the terrariums I am giving to my mom and niece for Easter and hit the stores at the last minute to find the perfect chocolate bunny and rooster to give to my men tomorrow.

Spring is here ! Spring is here !

I have been so busy that I totally forgot to show you my new Cats in Flower Pot painting I have on ebay right now which ends tonite. Please have a look, you might like it so much that you will want to buy it !

I want to wish you



full of love, peace and warm and fuzzy feelings!

I promise I will be back to my regular bla bla bla on Monday, once things have quieted down a bit.

Sticky yummy kisses to you all !


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just can not believe an entire week has gone by since my last post !

And now April has arrived and it is going to get even busier has I will be spending more time outside doing the millions of things that have to be done this time of the year.

The snow is almost gone with just tiny patches left around the trees in the forest which means soon the garden will be ready for its 2009 makeover.

Every spring, I redecorate it with new paths, new beds, a fountain moves from here to there, I change the flowers' color palette, the wooden bench finds a new spot in the shade. My garden is quite big and tilling, sewing, planting, repairing and mulching it requires a lot of time and work. April also means an increase in my walking-hiking alloted time. I now walk 4 miles a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. I feel so much more envigorated and less sluggish doing it but it does take a another bite on the day time spent in my studio.

So, I guess I will be back to my old late-night painting schedule for a while which I really enjoy...

I have been innondated with new commissioned paintings lately and I must organize my time in a proper creative way. I am not at my best under pressure, used to think I was a few years ago, but now realize I was only kidding myself. I like to be at peace with my paint brushes, colors and canvas and I like to keep my heart at a regular beat too ...

I did this little sketch yesterday night just before going to bed and decided to paint it first thing this morning while I was still in pyjamas. I just transfered it to a canvas and added details and colors. And once again the magic happened!

I just love to compare the sketch to the finished piece. I get the same pleasure and excitement I used to get when in my childhood I would fill my rock-tumbler (polisher) with plain old rocks and a few days later would find they had transformed into precious gems, all shiny and wonderful.

Notice the pastel colors on this painting? This is quite unusual for me ...

I wanted to keep it soft and springy and girlish and adorable ...

And I am quite happy with it !

Mon petit lapin ... This is how my grand-mother Alice used to call me when I was a small child. My sweet, sweet mémère Alice that I miss so much ...

My little bunny painting would make a wonderful Easter gift ! And since there is not that much time left I have decided to offer it on eBay with a Buy It Now option so you can get it right away! It is also in my Etsy shop at the same price.

I hope Spring has arrived in your neighborhood too!