Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, the month of November is full of promises !

I love this time of the year when summer has been put away in the back of my mind,

my son Ulysse's big annual family birthday party on September 30 (he turned 13) has been celebrated well,

the garden and the pool have been prepared for hibernation,

Halloween has happened once again on a great mild and clear night,

Chrismas and all its hype will be here soon

and I have 5 months ahead of me to create new art, locked up in my studio without even having to feel guilty about it !

I have been working real hard at finishing commissioned paintings this week as welll as making all kinds of fun artsy items to add in my Etsy shop in the weeks to come ...

Wednesday, November 4
at 10 p.m. Eastern Time
( I already told you guys about this),
I will be listing 30 different small prints mounted on wooden blocks
in my Etsy shop !

I am so excited about these, they are fun, colorful
and look amazing mounted in groups on a walll
or standing by themselves on a favorite shelf or piece of furniture.

One of each only,
first come, first served !

Of course, my Gothic Angel with skull original 8"x16" canvas painting is available in my Etsy Shop as well as on eBay till Friday night, if you want to bid on it.

I am so lucky te be featured on Stacy's beautiful blog nonpareil , sprinkles of indie style ! I simply love her bold and fun blog and from now on will be looking forward her new post about her latest finds. Merci for the great post, Stacy, and all your sweet words about my art!

I am delighted to have been featured on Aditi's wonderful blog onceuponateatime ... One of my favorite new place to visit ! Merci for talking about my Shop Update and my art, Aditi! I will make sure to come and visit you every day!

And my Frida with Fruits and Skulls has been featured on Fri's hot and sizzling blog Wedding Nouveau , a style guide for intercultural brides ! She has chosen this piece as an inspiration for creating a wedding a la Dia de Muertos style ! I can not get enough of all her amazing pictures, especially her Day of the Dead mosaic ! Merci y Gracias for talking about mi arte, Fri!

Mon Dieu !

Time is flying !
I am turning into the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland !

Oh my ! Gotta go ! Oh My !


stacy di said...

I'm so happy to have you on my blog!! Thank YOU!

And those block-mounted prints are GREAT! love them!!

Anya said...

Thanks for the update
its a so beautiful :-)

glorv1 said...

Hi Lulu. Thanks for letting us know. Congratulations on the honorable mentions. You are a busy lady and a happy one too. Those are great blocks of wonderful art. Happy late Birthday to Ulyses. Have a great day.

Jill said...

I LOVE the wood block prints! I too am looking forward to cozying up in my studio to create throughout the long winter months! Looking forward to seeing what you do next! ~ Jill

Fri {Wedding Nouveau} said...

Of course....your creations are fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Val Zdero said...

They sure do look great - mush check out your shop when they are listed :)

Val Zdero said...

Hey Lulu - I just bought one of your lovely prints - my daughter will love it :D

Heidi said...

The mother and daughter angel and the girl with the cat and coffee cup are mine! I bought them to give away for Christmas gifts. I'm sure they will be hard to part with though :)

Flor Larios Art said...

Hey! Felicidades amiga...featured in three places at the same time...I am so happy for you :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE your new wooden thingys...look great all together.

Manola said...

I just love your works!!!

Ann's ART said...

Love it! I am putting together a collaborative folk project. 12 artists each contributing one image (images will be licensed). If you'd be interested, email me

Ann Gardner

Dee said...

Came in from seeing your work featured on Your art is so beautiful!

Annette Q said...

Your artwork is amazing! I love your style of work. So glad I stumbled across your blog :-)

Janine said...

It´s wonderful to see the oaintings together. Thats a real eyecandy.
Have a great weekend

D Hawk said...

I love your work! Very nice collection you have! Do you sell any of your pieces?

Christina Colwell said...

nice collection of colorful paintings.

Charmaine D'Silva said...

I have an award for u over at my blog k? xoxo

Na t. said...

Hello Lulu, I am Brazilian and I know their works, was blown away .. they are very beautiful, delicate and at the same time striking .. one of my greatest passions is mainly Mexico and Frida! I get a tattoo in honor of her and I would like to reflect in their works .. pass me a contact, my email is na.68 @ See ya ..