Sunday, July 26, 2009


The day before, driving back from town with Ulysse, we were talking about the fact that we hadn't found a new kitten lately and that we were just about due now. You see, the number of animals in our house changes with the years.

One day, there will be a lost dog without a collar and medal seated and waiting by the mail box on the road. Another day, we will find 3, no 4, no 5, no 6, no 7 ! kittens on the border of a nearby field. One night, it will be a tiny newborn wet raccoon found in a ditch during a thunder storm ...

We have the space in our house and our hearts for homeless animals so when they are placed on our path by their guardian angel, it is just normal that our home becomes theirs.

Thank God we live in Quebec and not somewhere in Africa or Australia or Asia, our house would be filled with giraffes, monkeys and kangourous !!!

I am absolutely fearless of animals, big or small, and have kept the curiousity I had when I was a kid about any living creatures. I am curious and admirative of their life styles and habits and patterns and cleverness.

Daily, I will stop what I am doing to marvel at a night-butterfly sphinx, I will hold a garden snake to feel its body around my fingers, I will step out of my car to chase a porcupine away from the middle of the road.

I am thrilled by daily gifts I find in the nature, be it an empty and perfectly turned land snail shell, a bright tomato-red Scarlet Tanager feather found in the grass or a tiny perfectly cleaned and white garden mouse skull.

All that to say that I went grocery shopping in town last week on Friday afternoon. When I came back to my car, I noticed something moving between the rows of vehicles in the parking lot.

A kitten, running playfully from one car to another!

Yikes, right between two heavy-traffic streets!

On the weekend!

As I got near it, it ran and crossed the street! No!

It got lucky enough to make it to the other side. Ahhhhh!


It decided to cross the street again and barely made it when someone beeped at it and another car's breaks screeched!

I felt so bad thinking that an hour later at the most, this tiny creature would just be another road kill ...

So, I walked back to the store, got a little can of food and a bag of goodies, walked back to my car, prepared a little snack on the ground and patiently called the kitty. It was hot and humid but I waited patiently.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later I spotted him again, trying to lick water in a tiny dirty puddle. He slowed down and came to me purring like a sewing machine and just sat on my knees and stayed there. Boy, he sure knew the tricks!

I took him home and half a hour later he was having the fun of his life chasing the chicken in the coop and eating the fresh grass in the garden.

His name is Luigi L'Amoroso and he sure is a Don Juan. He charmed everyone in the household instantly and was sleeping beside Pacco, one of our dogs, the first night.

So now, the count is 3 dogs, 5 cats, 1 rooster, 8 chicken, one turtle and of course, one hermit crab, Senor Bernardo, but I will have to tell you about him another time, he has had quite an adventure too ...


Diane Duda said...

I need to move to the country so I have a reason to have more pets. So glad that you and this kitty found each other. :)


Jenny Carter said...

Awww, you sound like me. Except the chickens, rooster and crab. LOL

Janine said...

Dear Lulu, it seems that we have sometimes no choice (hehe)
Signore L´Amoroso is adorable.
And what a wonderful name.
I have a giveaway running, maybe you want to join it.
Have a good start in the week

Sharon said...

I am so glad there is another Noahs Ark out there. Somedays I think my ship might sink. I rescued a very pregnant mama cat and she blessed me with nine kittens..... I looked like ms. noah as I entered the vets office tohave them all fixed and their shots. I adopted some out for a price (never give them away, as sometimes terrible things happen) and I checked on all of them for several months. Sharon

glorv1 said...

That is a great name for kitty. How good of you to do for our creatures who can't do for themselves. Let's see...We have 3 dogs, 1 cat (the other two passed on), two chickens, a lot of parakeets, button quails, rosettas, canaries and it goes on. We be busy too. Have a great week.God bless you for being such a great person.

Heidi said...

What a wonderful story of your rescue! We have a new kitten and are enjoying his antics so much. I love the picture of your beautiful chicken!

snippetgirl said...

Oh my, you are pulling at my heart with this post :)!!!!! Animals are my heart and soul. I would love to live where you are and have a whole menagerie of critters. LOVE that!
And little Luigi is SOOOOOO incredibly lucky to have crossed your path!!!!! He won the lottery! I can't imagine what would have happened to him otherwise. Thank you for noticing him and making the effort to rescue him from the streets. Yeah for a happy ending...i mean, a happy beginning :)!
xoxo Carrie

Terri said...

Ahhh to have a cat's life...they really can sleep any your love of animals...and it's probably true..that it's a good thing that you live where you live...but then again it might be neat to have a pet giraffe.

Jenn said...

Lulu!!! Bonjour sweet friend!
I absolutely second what Carrie said. What a happy story for dear Luigi and you:) Love the pictures. I so wish we were neighbors! xoxo...jenn

glorv1 said...

Lulu, what I meant by habanero jam was peach/habanero, apricot/habanero etc. The peaches or the apricots are cooked along with "some" habanero and lots of sugar. I don't add pectin because sugar usually does the thickening part and I make just a few jars at a time or it will go to waste. I personally use it on toast and you can baste meat with it if you are a meat eater. I like hot, so I add a few habaneros to the mixture. Have a great day/evening.

Anya said...

Wow !!
So many animals ^__^
Fantastic !!!
I wish I had so many ;)
I have only 1 cat :)
( Lovely blogsite you have :)

greetings from The Netherlands

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)