Saturday, April 4, 2009


Oh la la ! ! !

It's been a crazy week, working so hard in my studio trying to finish each of the commissioned painting I had lined up in front of me plus working on a 180-illustration job I got from an old publishing client, all needing to be done yesterday and all needing to be finished now !!!

But I did it ! ! !

Today was my first off day and like a crazy french canadian, I tried doing all kinds of things together just like super woman is supposed to do.

I cleaned the garden, ordered new chicken, made Easter fondant-center-chocolate eggs, baked a carrot cake for the celebration en famille tomorrow, hunted in the woods to find small plants for the terrariums I am giving to my mom and niece for Easter and hit the stores at the last minute to find the perfect chocolate bunny and rooster to give to my men tomorrow.

Spring is here ! Spring is here !

I have been so busy that I totally forgot to show you my new Cats in Flower Pot painting I have on ebay right now which ends tonite. Please have a look, you might like it so much that you will want to buy it !

I want to wish you



full of love, peace and warm and fuzzy feelings!

I promise I will be back to my regular bla bla bla on Monday, once things have quieted down a bit.

Sticky yummy kisses to you all !



sUz said...

hApPy eaSter to you too LuLu! My, my you have been BUSY!

LOVE the cats in the flower pot - they remind me of mine! They like "hiding" in the flowers and plants because they think they are BIG cats that play in the jungle or forest. ROAR!!!

iN jOy,

Vania said...

Your cats look very busy in that flower pot - they are adorable - your artwork is delighful, I love your style, regards Val

tascha said...

Happy Easter to you!

Rebecca Brady said...

Happy Easter Lulu,

Your work is stunning and beautiful. Have a great day, hope the easter bunny left lots of eggs.

Cheers Rebecca

glorv1 said...

HAPPY EASTER to you too LuLu! My goodness, you have been busy and you still manage to find time to do your gardening and cooking. You are a good girl. Enjoy, take care.

Julie said...

Wow! you are an inspiration honey!!! Happy Easter! : )

snippetgirl said...

You truly ARE superwoman!!! And a super amazingly talented one at that :). You know i love this definitely speaks to a crazy cat lady!!
Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

Dithi said...

c'est adorable Lulu! Très mignon! Happy Easter!

Naija said...

happy easter

Ooty said...

Yay! Superwoman you did it =0) have a very happy easter, enjoy yourself and your loved ones

Jenn said...

okay super-woman!!! You are amazing:) BIG CONGRATS on completing all your work. Hope you had a lovely Easter. Spring actually poked her head in to our world was gorgeous:) hooooray!!! please stay Spring!!!

happy week to you Lulu

Gail said...

Hi Lulu, I'm really pleased I've found your blog. Such beautiful work & wonderful, vivid colours to make me feel hApPy every time I look!

Gail x

cherokeefox said...

You have a bright light to pass to others, thanks!!!

Lucie Georger said...

Hi LuLu, I discovered your art (via Etsy)today and I love it !!!!! Congratulations !!!!!!!!I will come back !!!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Hope you had a great Easter and love the new painting...were you looking at my naughty crew when you composed this!! HA! I'm sure all kitties have this mischievious nature to them and you captured it perfectly.

Nice Blog!!

blueberries in the fields said...

bonjour Lulu ! J'espère que le beau temps s'installe chez toi et que tu sauras profiter du printemps pour jardiner. Moi j'ai tellement hâte ! Et mon mari c est enfin décidé a vouloir construire un petit poulailler ! Pas aussi jolie que le tien, mais je suis heureuse. :) Merci pour ce gentil commentaire sur mes petites poupées muffin. :) Moi aussi je préfère la petite rouquine. Je crois que je devrais élargir ma collection, qu en penses tu ? Si seulement ça pouvait fonctionner dans mon etsy shop. j ai malhereusement pas ton succes. :(
Bah ! Il faut perséverer ! Tes créations sont toujours aussi magnifiques, pleines de couleur, de tendresse et de naïveté, j adore. Bonne journée à toute ta belle famille et encore merci pour cette visite tant apprécier :)