Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring is here ! Spring is here !

I have been runing around the house wearing my new flowery short dress, my gardening straw hat and my rubber boots, trowel and seed-packets in hand.

Doing my little springy Spring dance.

Spring is here ! Spring is here !

Let's all rejoice !

Ah! the smell of snow melting on the reviving grass !

Oh! the feeling of walking on soft muddy ground rather than on a rigid frozen crust !

Ah! the sound of the water in the stream playing a spring song with the big gang of birds having a party in the feeders !

Oh! Just the thought of knowing we are going in the right direction, which means here, walking towards summer rather than winter !

I have all kinds of dream about flowers and I can not wait to start sowing seeds and transplanting new seedlings.

These flowers are for you ...

This little painting is available on eBay and in my Etsy shop right now!

And good news for you all shoppers! I have decided to extend my

Buy 2 Prints Get The 3rd One Free offer in my Etsy shop 'till June 21st !

So, come over and check it out! I have over 45 different prints available!

I am going back celebrating this wonderful day!

I hope you all have a colorful, soft, pretty and wonderful Spring!


andrea said...

How nice, I wish it seemed more like Spring over here in so-cal.I think it's supposed to be a gloomy day.
Love the painting:)

snippetgirl said...

Adorable painting...especially that precious kitty!!
Spring is almost here in KY! It's chilly today, but getting warmer this week...can't wait!

sUz said...

hi LuLu!

I ADORE the painting! I am quite fond of her polka dot and flower hat :)

Happy day to you!

iN jOy,

Georgina said...


Love the painting and I want a hat like that!!! It's been spring here since Feb. when we got some crazy weather in the 80's. Today it will be in the 80's again, and having a birthday party for my grandson, so it's going to be a wonderful spring day..I'll keep your sweet painting in mind when making my floral arrangement.


Ooty said...

what a great spring painting!!!!
spring is not here yet... but crazy march does has its lovley days every now and then

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What a treat to find your blog, you are such a talented artist.

Dithi said...

Hola chica!!! C'est mignon!!! J'adore ton style de combiner des couleurs et ''patterns''!! Ooooh, mon mauvaise Français :(((! Bisous. d.

Jill said...

Hi there! I see your listings on ebay often & have always loved your work. So colorful & fun! Spring is pretty much here in Kansas now. I love rainy weather though so I'm ready for a good spring thunderstorm! Good weather to paint by! Happy Sunday! ~ Jill

linda cardina said...

hi lulu, so glad u stopped by my blog. your work is outstanding!! i will be following u too ;) xox linda

glorv1 said...

Hola Lulu. Your little girl looks very springy. Your colors are always so bright and I just can't get mine bright. I love it. You really sound like you can hardly wait to get out there in that garden, I know how you feel. It is real cold today and lots of wind and some rain. I'm staying indoors. Have a great week.

DEB said...

Spring isn't QUITE here yet, but I'm feeling the fever!!

Vania said...

You artwork is so eyecatcing - the explosion of such beautiful vivid colour and all the lovely flowers - just beautiful!!!