Saturday, March 14, 2009


It seems like ages since I have shown you a new painting.

I did finish quite a few in the past weeks but all of them were commissioned. I am now back to a normal flow of canvases that need to be finished at a certain date and it sure is a little less stressful. And working in my studio this time of the year is pure pleasure with the sun rays hitting my work table just at the right angle.

Talking about sun, I can not wait to work in the garden!

The snow is melting fast around the house and already I have spied the lilac buds getting ready for their big May show. Soon there will be so much to do at a time, lots of fixing, cleaning up, organizing, all in a very short time. Blame it on global warming, for the past years it seems like winter lasts forever than suddenly spring arrives, stays for a very short visit than moves away as quickly as it came to give its place to summer with its high temperature and its humidity.

And since winter lasts almost 5 months, you can just imagine what a rush we get when it finally leaves!

Flowers, flowers, I love flowers!

I grow just about any kind you can imagine, annuals, perennials, biannuals, mostly all from seeds. I got my green thumb from my grandmother Gabrielle who was a real garden fairy. I inherited from her the curiosity of growing the unusual plant in the most unusual garden. Like her, I am a plant thief! One day, I will get arrested by the police for having stolen too many plant cuttings !!! I do it so often that I always keep a few ziplocks and wet paper towels in my shoulder purse, just in case I come face to face with an unknown specie. I do stop my car on the highway to collect seeds of wild flowers and I am a sucker for any plant swap at the local fair.

This Spring Fairy and Flower painting is currently available on eBay or if you want to get her right now instead of bidding , you can snatch it in my Etsy store.

Gotta go back to work now, my paintbrushes are drying ! I just can't wait to show you my new Frida painting ! It is almost finished, just have to had a few more details and it will be done !


America Alcala said...

Can't wait to see your Frida painting, I just love them! :)

aliceinparis said...

I can just see you tiptoeing through a forbidden patch of flowers scissors in hand and ziplock bag at the ready!
That is a good idea, I must carry one with me too, often I have come across a flower that I would love to try rooting but alas no way to preserve it until I got home.
Have a great day:)
Cheers, Shelagh

snippetgirl said...

Too cute!!! I am with you on the spring "to dos" quickly inside and out, pruning, planting, adding some spring decor around the is all fun and gives me a surge of creative energy!
Looking forward to seeing Frida!

Renée E. Bédard said...

I love her little shoes. It is the little things that always are so charming about your work.

Dida said...

ha ha! u indeed go out of ur way to collect some unusual species... :)
... Green -its not a color its a state of mind... (i read it somewhere)

luv the flower, it has flower on its every petal,kind of like a world in its own...

glorv1 said...

Hello Lulu. I'm like you. I have cutters in my car and a little garden sack that I put cuttings in. I keep paper towels and water in my trunk just in case. I too gather wildflower seeds from a yearly patch a few miles away and we garden with seeds as well. We start everything in our greenhouse. I do buy a few growing plants like habanero's because they are really hard to get going. I love your painting, as always. Have a great day.

IRENE said...


sUz said...

Thanks LuLu, you made me laugh out loud! I would love to see you in action, sneaking around to take a snip!

Your flower is a beauty for sure.

iN jOy,

Dida said...

Hey Lulu...thank you for your lovely comment...

Georgina said...


I just love your wonderful little paintings. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Yes, I've seen a lot of reproductions in my day especially now with the Internet. As for my paintings, they're uniquely mine. As I mentioned, I did this prior to my present life and it felt a little strange returning to it, but with a new spin...things I learned in college and applying some of these little pieces of information into my work.

Have a great week and would you believe we already have our air conditioner on...getting very warm in the American desert Southwest.