Saturday, February 21, 2009


SOLD !!!
We had a hard time coming back from my parents' place yesterday night.

Each Friday after school, Ulysse and I go and have supper with them then we spend the rest of the night chatting, playing games, working on different craft projects and playing scrabble. They live on Lake Sleby, 20 minutes from where we live, which is very handy. When I got pregnant, my parents moved from Montreal to the Eastern Township so they would be close to Ulysse and enjoy him fully. They have been there full-time since his birth, he calls them almost daily and they are the best grand-parents he could have ...

But yesterday, the snow was falling so fast and so heavily and steadily that we regretted leaving their place to climb the Pinacle mountain to go back home. Visibility was nul, the roads were slippery and you could not make the center of the road from the sides of it, which made it quite difficult to drive the old Volvo. We had a good laugh any ways, decided to roll down the windows despite the snow falling inside the car and both of us stuck our head out outside so we could see where we were heading. We were driving real slow and passed a group of about 25 deers in one of the fields nearby. Magic! We finally got home safely ... Gotta be tough to live in the countryside in Quebec in winter and on a mountain !!!

All this to say that we woke up this morning, once again, with tons of snow... I know, the current winter always seems worst than the past ones... But, winter IS winter and the landscape is incredible!

Marshmallow land!

I finished this little COFFEE OR TEA FAIRY painting yesterday and decided to paint it without considering so much my color palette. Sometimes, I find myself jammed in makink a choice for colors. I do not want to repeat myself from one painting to another but again, we all have our favorites and this is was distinguishes one artist from another. I am quite happy with the results, the painting is cheerful and bold, just what I wanted! What do you think? COFFEE OR TEA FAIRY is currently available on eBay and in my Etsy shop. Talking about my Etsy shop, just wanted to remind you that each painting sold is then offered in a printed format. So, come and check my store, I have over 45 different prints for sale ! Also, for some reason, I seem to have problems with my Etsy Convo service, some messages do not reach me, same for my sent convos. I have told Etsy about this and they are looking into this for me.

Look what Francois gave me as a belated Valentine Day gift! A Frida metal art sculpture! I LOOOOOVE IT ! He got his inspiration from one of my paintings! Oh! JUST MY KIND OF GIFT ! And look how fascinating it is when the sun casts a shadow of it on the wall ! IT IS FABULOUS ! THANK YOU MY LOVE !

I had fun snapping pictures of Ulysse's shadow on the wall just before sunset. This is magic that only happens this time of the year. In a few weeks, the sun will set differently and will no longer flow through the windows at the same angle.

I hope everyone is having a swell weekend! Remember, the days are getting longer so spring is not very far away ...


Sharon said...

Your art is so beautiful and I love the colors. We had a lot of snow at Christmas but thankfully it is all gone now. I say thankfully as people around here are not used to driving in it. Also we don't have the equipment for clearing like most people (who get a lot of snow) do. Had 4 ft in our driveway, so it took some time to get out. LOL I loved it. Sharon

Bairbre Aine said...

I enjoyed reading your post here.
The shadow pictures are fun and moving.
You Tea time fairy (I prefer tea)
is ever most colourful.
You have a way with words as well.
Thank you for sharing.
Your blog has put a smile on my tearful face. Thank you!

MissKoolAid said...

I can't imagine fairies drinking coffee so she must be having tea. Beautifully done.

Your photos are lovely. I especially like the shadow ones (the one on the snow and the Frida sculpture one.)


Terri said...

Could that art work be any sweeter.

Looks like you got alittle bit of snow...if you are like me it can't go away soon enough.

glorv1 said...

Lulu, she is beautiful and if I were her I'd be drinking coffee. Wow, that is a lot of snow. Please drive careful. I'm going to check your etsy and see what you have over there. I love the way the sun looks on Ullyses shadow. A treasure. Take care.

Ooty said...

I love your art!!!! And you are having great eye for photography.
Having parents nearby is such a great fortune!!!!
Mine are close to us this past 2 years and it is
So helpful and wonderful for my girl =0) and for us.
As for the snow, my girl is 4 and a half yrs old and have not seen snow yet
This weekend we are going to the northern part of the country to show her some snow
“like in the movies” as she says lol

linda cardina said...

WOW! yr photography is incredible...u r a true artist! what an eye u have.. i enjoyed yr blog thoroughly!

DEB said...

What a beautiful place you live in! We used to live in New England (MA, NH) and had similar winter landscapes...I remember how still and peaceful everything was with the snow on the ground. I don't think I could live there again though...I've grown soft in VA where the winters are so mild!

Carolyn said...

Wow!! Great photos! Love the snow! That is soooo beautiful! The photo with the sitting statue, looks like there is a person behind him comforting him. It looks like a hand with a mitten on, holding the mans arm.
Wheeew that was hard to explain for some reason. Hope it made sense!

Sharon said...

I just wanted you to know I have given you an award. Drop over to my blog if you like to read about it. Sharon

Amy Sullivan said...

~We have not seen snow like this in years~
~Your painting is wonderful~Tea Fairy~:)
Lovely post!~

aliceinparis said...

Such snow!!!! Those icicles!!! Winter will be gone soon. Hang in there:)

Renee said...

thanks for sharing this post, I thought it was wonderful.

Yes, Canada, land of the snow. xoxo said...

This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
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Jenn said...

what LOVELY photos lulu! All our snow has melted again from tons of rain. I know it's coming back again soon though! and I love your sweet new painting. Your colors always cheer me up:):)
Happy weekend to you!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are just so gosh darn amazing!!!!! I could wait to have the day off so that I could come and visit and see what you have been up too. The flowers with faces are just darling and shadow picture are just as amazing! Coffee and fairies go together! How else would they able to do all of the fluttering around and stuff. That's hard work! I love the color palette. It's pure sunshine for me. I'm a little under the weather and honestly this is just the medicine I needed! thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Trine said...

Wow....all the snow, it looks just like it is here! LOVE looking at your art, it's so beautiful, you are gifted!
~Trine <3

Martha @estudiomartita said...

Sitting here in my home, overlooking some the hills and cityscape of San Francisco, your world looks like a dreamland. The landscape of your beautiful home is breathtaking. I know true winters must be difficult but to see the force of mother nature in full bloom winter is incredible. What can I say? It rains here and we have sea gulls!

I have found your work so refreshing and so consistent in making me smile. Love the color palettes you work in and love your "muchachas" and critters you paint. All that incredible nature you live in must be fabulous for creating.

I do love my San Francisco but sometimes the lure of open spaces calls to me.

I love your work and love your writing. Keep it up my dear. You influence us all!!! said...

going back to hospital
Hi darlings,just visiting and to let y'all know I will be going back to hospital Monday to have a kidney removed.hope to be back home in a few weeks and get to talk and visit with y'all.I miss being on here to chat and see what everyone is doing and creating.xxoo

This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
Jessie LaVon 854
Demopolia ,Alabama 36732

Penny said...

Wow, that snow is AMAZING!

Pam said...

You art is so charming. The color combinations are beautiful. I love the Tea time fairy...I too think she's drinking a lovely little cup of tea. And that Frida sculpture...I love it! Your husband certainly has good taste. I enjoyed the photos too. I'm not a big fan of snow...long story...but there is no denying the beauty of it. The icicles hanging from that roof are ethereal looking. They look like they should be made of glass. And my favorite thing is...the Flying Pig. Your blogs are such a pleasure to read. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. It is so much appreciated. Have a wonderful day lulu!

Cris Melo, of said...

Your pictures are always so great. That Frida sculpture is phenomenal. And your picture of it is equally great.

What a fun blog!

snippetgirl said...

Lulu, it's like everything you touch and do is magic! It's true! The way you write, the art you create, the photographs you take...all are so enchanting and beautiful. Your blog exudes the most wonderful, special world. I can tell you do everything from the heart. It is a joy to visit here and escape for a few moments :).
xoxo Carrie the SnipPet Girl

Flor Larios Art said...

Look at the ice on the house...makes me want to have some coffee.
Your painting is adorable as usual.
Good luck with your sales.
Un abrazo,

Peachy Cheek said...

Hey there,

Love the new paintings! They are looking wonderful!! The gift your husband created is amazing!! Does he have his own shop ? ;) I love frida and love the sculpture he made. I enjoy reading you blog! Take care!

Diane Duda said...

Where are you? Are you okay up there?
That is a lot of, just checking. :)