Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love you this big ...

I finished this little LOVE ANGEL & RED BIRD painting yesterday. Don't you love her little leopard vest and her yellow and black striped socks? What about the little red bird on her head holding a message of love?

You can bid on her on eBay or purchase it right away in my Etsy store.

Not much time left before Valentine Day and I think she would make a wonderful gift to someone special to you!

We are having a beautiful winter week, full of sun, hope of warmer days, no new snow and is it a hint of a smell of maple sap boiling on the stove soon to come yet too early.

I am in particular good creative spirit, you know, when it flows it pours! No problems with production, sparks of ideas or positive attitude, it is all there and I have tons of it!

Francois (the husbie) is in a creative mood too, working on a new metal art portfolio a big client asked for and he is anxious to be working outside in his summer shop.

Ulysse (the son) is doing wonderfully in his first year of high school, getting into music option quite seriously, switching from clarinet to saxophone to trumpet, tyring to find the instrument right for him. He made a bunch of new friends and has grown up so much since September ... But I guess highschool will do that to you ... He too is dreaming about building fires outside to smelt aluminum for his sculptures, working on his little summer shack and going trout fishing.

In case you are not aware of this, I am having two different giveaways in the same week, Just Because Giveaway and One World One Heart Giveaway. Both surprise prizes will be different and awesome so make sure you enter both separately!

Enough chatting now, gotta go make myself a new pot of hazelnut cream coffee and finish a few more paintings ...

Hope you have a great sunny day too!


Pattie said...

I love how your whole family is so artistic... birds of a feather - right?

glorv1 said...

Enjoy your coffee Lulu and I would just love to see a post on pix of your studio one of these days. Take care.

aliceinparis said...

Love this one:))
My daughter played the flute all through high school and really enjoyed being in the band. Such a wonderful opportunity:)
Cheers, Shelagh

jewelrygirl said...

The coffee sounds great! You inspire me to want to get busy. I have been in a lull.....big time.

Awesome work, as usual.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I love the little bird:)
I can't wait for spring either...as I sit and look at the bunch of snow we received last night. UGH! Oh well, it will be here soon, right? RIGHT?
Have a great day Lulu!!

La Traductora said...

Je suis une mexicaine que aime le francais et surtout l'art. Ca veux dire que j'aime beaucoup ton merveilleux blog! Je reviendrais!
I'm a Mexican who loves Franch and especially art. That means that I LOVE your wonderful blog! I will be back!

Jenn said...

I love her little vest!! Glad to hear you are having a steady flow of that yummy creative spirit! Keep up the great work Lulu:) xoxox

Wanda said...

Your art is awesome. TTFN

jean benabou said...

It sounds like everything is falling into it's organized place!
Lucky you with no problems in the creativity department.
Yes! The snow has melted here and the day is full of sunshine...it seems its been so long that I am not sure what to do!
Your son is in High School? Wow! All this time I thought he was a pre-teen. It sounds so exciting that he is experimenting with music.
I can sympathize with your husband too, I am waiting for the spring.

Julie-ann said...

She's adorable. Love her dress!

Jingle said...

This is fabulous! I am so signing up to follow your blog! Your work is inspiring!

Belle Galleries said...

I love her vest, her blue eyes and skirt with blue flowers! Your art is beautiful!