Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hope everyone is having a wonderful VALENTINE DAY !

Ours has been mellow and quiet and affectionate family-style. The guys wanted sushi for this special occasion so I made tons of it for supper while Ulysse saranaded me with his newly acquired guitar-player talents. Francois did not get to finish his gift on time, a new metal sculpture, but I forgive him, it will be a belated gift later this week. Tonite, we watched a few movies while eating tons of assorted chocolate

The day is almost over but I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a


Hugs and kisses to you all!

On a different note, thanks to each of the 96 bloggers who have participated in my JUST BECAUSE giveaway. You left wonderful and heart-warming comments about my blog and my art and I appreciate them all !

The winner of my JUST BECAUSE giveaway is:

VANESSA at oohlaladesignstudio !!! Vanessa is a New York illustrator who's work is so spiffy and hip and beautiful and alive, it is just perfect ! When you have a second, you should check it out !

This giveaway has been so much fun that I promised I will be having another one soon! And I will wait till the winner of both my giveaways receive their prizes before showing you a picture of them. Remember, they were both SURPRISE giveaways!

I have worked a 3 different paintings at a time and they are almost finished. I should be able to list them in my Etsy store and on eBay, tomorrow or Monday.

That is, if I don't die of cocoa overdose !!!


Dithi said...

Chère Lulu, I know your Valentine's was sweet and chocolaty! I can't believe I missed your GIVEAWAY! I shall watch out for the next one. LOVE. d.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I'm doing the Happy Dance!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWW! This is AWESOME!!!!!!! How cool is this???? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! I have to let this settle in for a moment! OMG! I'm so very honored and blessed. Thanks so much for choosing me my friend. I can't wait to get my give a way!!! I will be stalking the poor mailman each and everyday till it comes. I send you great big hugs and kisses. Your the best! You just made my whole month Girly!!!! LOL! This is just fantastic! I so appreciate your overwhelming kindness towards me. May God richly bless you and give it back to you!
My email address is
and I will give you all the information you need when you email.
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. You will never know how touched and how grateful I am.

jean benabou said...

It sounds like your valentines was wonderful!

Flor Larios Art said...

:( I never win...but you might win my art box giveaway...come to my blog to enter...
Congratulations Vanessa!

glorv1 said...

Congratulations to Vanessa and I hope you and yours had a great Valentine's Day. We spent it at home as well.Take care and have a chocolate.:)

Ayala Art said...

What a nice blog! So happy to bump into you.

Trine said...

Happy Valentines!!!! I love your blog so much, it always gives me such positive feelings! Your son is adorable playing the guitar. Hope all is well.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Lulu, here is my address. I just realized that you check all of you comment before you post so here is my information my friend.
Vanessa Brantley-Newton
454 Glenwood Avenue
East Orange, NJ 07017
I just wanted to say to you again how grateful I am for this wonderful gift. Thanks so very much for your awesome kindness shown to me. You are the best!!!
Hugs a plenty!

glorv1 said...

Lulu, thanks so much for the info on eggs, I appreciate it very much and also for the kind comments. You made my day. Take care.