Monday, January 12, 2009


... and a happy ending one it is!

Remember my sad post in October about our King of the Forest, our dear moose, who got shot by poachers?

Well, this time my story has a joyful ending ...

On December 22, a resident of Glen Sutton, a village nearby, spotted a poor moose caught halfway in the ice of the river, which had broken under the weight of the animal. The person called neighbors around and quickly they gathered outside around the animal, passed a rope around its neck and pulled it out of the water.

But the animal was exhausted and it fell on the ice that cracked once again. The people did not give up, they pulled, pulled and pulled again until they got the animal safe on the bank. The moose was wet and frozen and shook incontrollably, lying on its side.

One of the guys decided to massage the huge beast, hoping to revive it somewhat and get her blood flowing again... The little crowd joined it, rubbing and patting the dear animal.

And they succeded! The mama moose stood up, looked at them all and slowly walked away.

Needless to say, these people had a great story to tell around the table at Christmas.

One of the rescuer concluded that in difficult times like the ones we are living in, it is important to stop and take the time to help someone in difficulty, human or animal ...

Don't you love these wonderful stories?


sweetmango said...

Oh that just warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face :)

paintedskywoman said...

Oh that makes me cry.

Gchi-miigwech! Merci! Thanks!

Angela Recada said...

Wonderful story - thank you!

Kim Mailhot said...

What a beautiful story ! There is so much good in the world - we just need to focus on it and celebrate it more, I think !!!

Thanks for sharing the "good" news !

Cris Melo, of said...

Totally love stories of animals with happy endings!

I just found you on Flickr, on a group, and am really enjoying your writing style and your blog. I'm subscribing!

And I was here wondering how come I had not met you the art, and am a big Frida fan too.