Thursday, November 27, 2008


Don't you love this busy time of the year?

I do! There are so many things to be done, baking to be thought ahead, paintings to be painted in quantity, gifts to be made or purchased, cards to be sent, festive music to be played, lists to be read, vacations to be expected ...

I wanted this new Frida painting to be Christmas and Holidays related but yet I wanted it to be an image you would want to display all year round. I wanted it to be festive, romantic and poetic a la Mexicana! Dont't you love the little cactus tree with the star on top? And the red skirt with the skulls flowers? And the string of lights?

I like this one very much, I hope you do too !

Feliz Navidad Frida is on eBay right now and as usual it is also available on Etsy at a fixed price if you want it, and you want it NOW!

Gotta go back to work, even though it is Friday night ... I have a couple of fun new paintings to finish ...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that all your Christmas shopping is now done (joke :D)

I will blablabla longer tomorrow ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I started collecting plastic snow globes because I thought they were tacky, kitsch and funky.

That was before other people started collecting them.

I got my first ones on a trip to France where Francois and I toured the country by car for 3 weeks. We would stop in souvenir shops in every city we entered and soon enough it was the theme of the vacation. I came back with 28 different ones, each of them old souvenir-style ones, made of plastic, with a little scene inside and its name on a white plaque. That was in 1988.

Afterwards, I just kept on adding to the collection, either by hunting for them in flea markets and junk stores but also by bringing them back from trips. My family and friends added quite a few too, then in 1994, I discovered I was not alone and that there were other people collecting them. I started trading them. And I also sold the ones I had doubles of. I did two radio interviews about snowdomes and appeared in a National TV show showing my collection and explaining my attraction to them.

I accumulated 900 of them which I displayed on shelves in a room of our house in Montreal.

Then they became less and less easy to come by and souvenir stores did not carry them as much. I started storing them in big plastic boxes to make place for some other stuff. Kinda forgot about them...

One morning I decided I wanted to sell my collection. So, for months, I sold then directly, through eBay and other ways, to other collectors. It took me a entire year to liquidate my stash. And I ended up with a nice little bundle of money at the end of the transactions. Snowdomes were hot and I had tons of them for sale!

Surprisingly, I do not miss this incredible collection at all. I thought maybe my son would like to keep them for later but he had no interest in them at all. Even though it was great fun to hunt and find them in thrift stores and while travelling, it satisfied my craving and I think I am through with collecting ...

This little Girl, Cat and Snow Globe painting is available on eBay or Etsy, your choice.

Wouldn't it make a wonderful little Christmas gift?

I am so busy painting as much as I can for the holiday season that I do not spend much time doing anything else lately.

Were are all doing fine, thanks for asking.

Ulysse is doing great in his new highschool life and he is now working on the design and concept of a Medieval Game Board.

Francois got a call today from a designer who would like to promote his metal art so he is quite excited about it all!

We started lighting up the Christmas lights inside and outside our house today. I LOOOOVE the tiny luminous colorful strings of lights you can get anywhere in stores. They are so joyful, uplifting and cheery, sometimes I would like to keep a set or two in my studio all year round!

Enough with the bla bla, I must return to my drying paint brushes ... A new Frida Kahlo painting is in the making ... I will show it to you as soon as it is finished, promised !

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love red shoes !

Well, I love anything red!

Red gives spike, spice and heat to anything it colors.

When I was 16, I bought myself a pair of red patent-leather pump shoes. With my own money! I had seen them in a store window and fell in love with them. I just adored them! They were so joyfull, audacious, bold and pretty! I ended up never wearing them that much but they had a special spot on a shelf in my room, then in my studio.

Then, one day, I noticed my black cat ZoZo fighting with them. She was attacking them, turning them over, biting them to death !!! She literally killed them !

I was disapointed yet the scene was just perfect! A black cat on red shoes or a turquoise checkered carpet! This image will stay with me forever!

I thought I should immortalize this memory by making it into a fun pop-style painting.

It is available on Ebay right now or if you do not want to wait for the auction to end, you can snatch it on Etsy.

Also, do not forget I have a large assortment of prints available in my Esty store as well as on eBay and I will keep on adding more. They are on sale till the end of the year, Buy 2 and Get the 3rd FREE !

I think you should run and check it out !

Friday, November 21, 2008


I am so lucky to have so much luck ! ! !

Time goes by so fast ... I thought today I should stop this crazy creative pace to thank the artists who sent me pieces of their art either as a prize I won or as a thank you gesture.

One of the things I appreciate the most about blogging are the generosity of fellow artists/bloggers to give info, advices and bits of their art.

Another are the fun daily contacts I get to have with others, the exchanges we have about art, daily lives and the world in general.

And the pleasure of being able to show one another our creations as soon as they are fresh out of our studios, giving instant life to these pieces in a much better way then if they were displayed in a gallery and viewed by a limited number of people.

And comments, I LOVE COMMENTS !

First, I want to thank the well-known, admired and loved Tascha for the wonderful little packet she sent with a thank-you note for the Halloween parcel I sent her for my Halloween Give-Away. There was a cute little card, a perfect little magnet and a tiny little pin. What a nice surprise! Thank you Tascha!

Second, I want the famous, talented and very prolific Danita for the incredible pack of ACEO cards she sent me. They are so magic and so beautiful, I might frame them in tiny little frames! Thank you Danita!

Third, I want to thank a wonderful less known artist, RyoJul, for sending me this adorable key-holder. Thank you so much RyoJul!

Fourth, I want to thank Traci at The Vintage Sisters Studio for giving me the for giving me The Marie-Antoinette A Real Person, A Real Award. I am flattered and delighted since Traci is one of my favorite artists. I love her whimsical art and she is such a sweet person! Thank you Traci!

And thank you all for visiting my blog regularly and leaving comments! You have no idea what a pleasure it is to know you are there!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tonite it is cold as a witch's tits.

I love this expression! And it IS cold. -15 degress Celcius which is roughly 5 little degress Farengheit !!! In November !!!

When I walked to the chicken coop to feed them, the water in their little shed was frozen. Which means we will start the heating lamps tomorrow to give them some comfort. The funny think is the infra-red lamps stay on at night and when you look outside at night you can see the hens still up, walking in front of their little window, scratching and pecking. It looks like a seedy massage parlor.

Ulysse is on vacation for 4 days so no need to wake up at 6 a.m. tomorrow, we can sleep in a bit! I really need it as I have been going to bed around 3 a.m. for the past 5 days, working late in my studio each day.

I finished this painting this afternoon and I really like how it turned out. The message reads "Peace and Love on Earth" in French and I might use this image rather than the Deer and Red Birds one for my Christmas card.

You can bid on Mother and Daugther Angels on eBay or if you are in a rush to get it and do not want to bother with the auction, you can snatch it in my Etsy Store. It think it would make a wonderful gift from a daughter to her mom and vice-versa. Bidding starts at 99 cents so go ahead and bid plenty !

I have been keeping a pretty good pace in my studio, turning out a painting a day. I will be listing a couple more before the weekend and will try to add a couple more prints in my shop.

Ulysse built this Secret Agent tool for a contest Lego is having. He really worked hard at it, planned it on paper, designed it, fine tuned it, took the picture, wrote an explanation text, gave it a name and sent it himself in the mail.

Guess what? He got a call today from Lego to let him know he is one of the 3 winners for the entire Canada! This was not a random contest but a judged one so Ulysse was dancing with joy! I am so happy for him, he deserves it! He wants to be an engineer or designer in a couple of years and I think this prize will be a big motivator for the future. And the cherry on the sundae: They are sending him a gift certificate of $50 and the picture of his creation as well as the credits that go with it will appear in the January Issue of the Canadian Lego Magazine!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, I am still alive ...

BARELY ! ! !

Remember my old laptop died and I got myself a brand new one?

And with this brand new state-of-the-art techno tool I was going to ride the web so fast that I would leave a trail of fire behind me?

And it would be so easy to use that I would be able to paint or knit or sew or bake at the same time I would be writing an email or listing a painting?

And the trouble would be over?

Well, a day had not gone by yet since I had installed it that it started screaming at the top of its lungs, shaking like Elvis in a old late night movie and caughing like my chain-smonking great-great-great aunt Bee !

I turned it off, startled, turned it back on again but I swear, it leaped and almost grabbed me by the neck while it screached like a banshie !

Suddenly, it went POF ! and fell on its back, gasping for air !

Then it stopped moving ... This iswhen I noticed the strangest thing about this monstrous new laptop: two little horns were pointing on each side of its cover and the end of the electrical cord was shaped like an arrow tip !

I ran out of my studio, locked the door and jumped on the phone to tell Dell about the situation ...

We spent 30 minutes on the phone talking about the symptoms of this attack but to no avail ...

They suggested I do not touch it or go near it or look it in the eyes ...


Because my brand new laptop came from Hell and was possessed ! ! !

Yes, hanhan, it was sent to me by the Devil himself who intended to test my nerves playing bad jokes and acting spookily !

Well, it is gone now ... They came to pick it up and replaced it with another one. It's been sitting here for a day now and so far it seems to be acting normal ...

ENOUGH WITH TIME LOST DEALING WITH ELECTRONICS! I want to be painting now, not spending any more time programming a piece of junk!

All should be going fine now, I love my new computer, it is tamed, well-behaved and quiet.

And for those who are concerned, the bite marks will heal with time :D

This little Deer and Red Birds painting is available either on Etsy or eBay, your choice! It is one of my favorites so far and I will be using the image for my Christmas card this year. It would make a wonderful gift, don't you think? And it starts at the low price of 99 cents !

Well, time to go and check what everyone else has been up to lately ...

Will be back with another new painting and some fresh news tomorrow, promised !

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today, I received a very special parcel in my post office box in Vermont. A padded enveloped stuffed with a bit of magic ... The whole thing was wrapped with tender care opening it made my day!

Look what I got from Kim at Queen-of-Arts ! A handful of hand-painted rocks ! Rocks that she paints with little messages. Rocks that you can keep for yourself and place in strategic places to inspire you. Rocks that you can give to loved ones, friends, people you care for. Rocks that you can simply leave in your path, on a bench in a park, in the subway, at the restaurant, on a sidewalk and that someone else will find. Rocks to share with others with little messages of love for them to find ...

I have kept one of them for myself, the one with the word "peace" painted on its surface. I have given one to my husband and it sits besides his computer. Ulysse has chosen another one, "Lick your plate" and he has given to his fairy-God-Mother Viki. I have left one on a seat in a bus in Montreal, sent another one to my friend Nadine in Paris. I have place one on the steps of the Public Library in Richford, Vermont and another one on the seat of a motorcycle in the village. All of them rocks are gone somewhere else and who knows what path they will take once they are found ...

This is such a wonderful gesture to stretch your arms and wrap them around the world with bits of love and compassion ...

If you would like to know more about Kim's "Rock My World" adventures and about her art, check her blog at

You have touched my heart, Kim ! Thank you !

Busy, busy !

Too busy to snap pictures of my new paintings, too busy to list them on eBay or Etsy. Work, work, work ! Gotta work ! Gotta finish this huge Frida painting, gotta finish my Christmas card, gotta finish a couple of commissioned paintings, gotta wrap and ship art, gotta get ready for the Holidays, gotta keep some time to play and relax with my family but gotta rush, gotta finish everything in time, gotta go ! I think I am the new version of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland !

Oh! My! Time is flying! Gotta go! Oh My ....

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Arrrrrrr !!! My laptop gave up on me last Tuesday, it went poof! and died with a last breath ... And since it was not its first emergency visit to the doctor this year, I decided that it was time to pull the switch and say goodbye to it for good. May you rest in peace, darling ...

I got myself a brand new Dell laptop, ordered it by phone and was supposed to get it quickly... But, the days went by and nothing was showing up at my door... I checked with Dell and the order had been mixed with someone else's ...

It finally arrived Friday night and it is so new and so spiffy and so fast that it scares me !!! But ... I can now blog and email and list properly !!!

So, I got my paintings lined up, ready to be photographed and guess what? Poof! went my camera, yes the same camera I just purchased a couple of weeks ago ...

Oh, yeah! Before I forget! My coffee-maker went Arrrrr! then Poof! this morning, hum, hum, no coffee on a Sunday morning, how's that for beginning a new line on the November page of my calendar?

So, I have decided to do nothing major until Thursday, November 13, which is full moon day. I think it is wise, just in case ...

Don't you agree?

I finished this little Cat Angel with Doll painting last week and was lucky I could snap a picture of it while the alignment of the stars was right for me :D I am quite happy with it since I achieved to give it a certain Victorian flair working with a softer palette. This remind me of a set of cat paper dolls I had when I was real young and which I adored ... You can bid on it on eBay right now ...

I will be posting more original paintings on eBay and Etsy this week and adding more prints too. Do you realize how quickly Noel is coming?

I have also received little treats from fellow blogging artists but I will tell you more about it later this week ...

And guess what else?

On November 22nd, it will be 1 year since I started blabbing on this blog of mine ! And guess what else again? It means I will have another fabulous GiveAway Contest to celebrate this anniversary! MyPinkTurtle will be 1 year-old!

So, stay tuned for more details, more art and more news and more ...

Monday, November 3, 2008



I am keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath ...

My childhood plastic good-luck charms are sending good vibes to Obama's 08 button on my pinboard ...

Hoping every single American will go out today and use his voting priviledge.

The rest of the world is watching you !


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today is the day to celebrate the departure of our loved ones for a better world, hopefully. The tendency here is to think of them sadly and mournfully ... But in Mexico, this day is joyful and happy, a day to remember all the good things about them, how happy they made us, how much we loved and were loved by them. If nothing else, today is a day to sit in a bright and sunny spot and look at the pictures we have of the people we loved that have now passed away, of when we were kids, friends, on vacations, in happy moments. Today is the day to remember how much we miss them. And if you think hard enough about them, you will get once again this warm feel-good spot in your heart they brought you when they were alive ...
I love and miss you my grand-mothers Alice and Gabrielle, my grand-fathers Paul and Ulrich, my mother-in-law Marie, my uncle Serge, my friends Manon and Guy ... I am so lucky you were part of my life ... And let's not forget all our animal friends, the companions that were part of our lives for a while, and that are no longer with us ... My dear feline and canine companions, our cats Muneca, Moogwai, Ti-Loup, Muli, Zoe, Pirouette and our dogs Pepita, Chili, Noiro and Dingo ...

Today was beautiful, cold and sunny day. The weather is supposed to warm up this week so the snow should melt all. But I will tell you, the beasts of the house have decided winter is here for good and no way they will fight their hibernating genes ...

I would need a giant pancake spatula to remove them from the beds where, or course, they are not supposed to sleep!

Life is tough for animals living in the cold, no doubt !!!

We sacrificed the Halloween pumpkin this afternoon, smash it to pieces and kept the best ones to bake pumpkin pies later this week. Ulysse roasted inthe fire pit outside the seeds he had kept when he carved it. He drizzled them with olive oil and sea salt and heated them until they POPped!

The sounds around all this preparation were exquisite! Pshhhhh! made the snow melting near the flames, Pop! went the seeds roasting and Shhhhh! scream the bit of oil in the pan. While in the background, the blue jays were singing! Pepitas! Pepitas! We all love Pepitas!

I am working on so many paintings at a time, I will go nuts soon ! But I am having so much fun! I should have 2 or 3 new paintings on eBay and Etsy this week !

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday night was a bit chilly to go trick-or-treating but it was great fun. Our village is a small one nestled between hills with a little river snaking through it. When you go down the Pinacle mountain where I live then take a left to the village, 5 minutes away, the view is splendid. Frelighsburg looks like a little jewel in a white velvet lined box.

Everyone knows each other in the region. I was driving with a friend from Montreal one day and she was amazed at the number of times I waved at different people during a short 15 minutes ride. Here, you wave even when you are not sure you know the person you are waving at, just in case ... I am from the big city, born there, know it by heart but the last 10 years spent in the countryside have transformed me in an easy-going-out-of-the-busy-world person.

So Halloween here is friendly, warm and a bit like a big family gathering. Kids can cross the streets as often as they want, they can eat each candy they get without having to worry about finding razor blades or glass in their gum drops or chocolate.

As we came back home snow started falling again and it kept at it for part of the night. When we woke up this morning, the view was enchanting! Due to high humidity, everything outside was covered with a thick coat of whipped cream.

Even the Halloween decorations!

We went for a walk with the dogs and Ulysse followed with his Nikita, which is the modified bike he built with a ski in the front instead of a regular wheel. And it worked!

The wind was blowing and it was so cold that you would have believed today to be the 1st of February rather than the 1st of November ... I hope all of you had a fun Halloween with your kids, friends, family and loved-ones !

Oh, and for those who were asking, Ulysse dressed up as Link from the Zelda saga Nintendo games. He sure looked like the perfect elf ...