Saturday, December 13, 2008


Chéri !

Look what I found at the Church Christmas Sale yesterday!

A beautiful moss-green with red-red flowers woolen beret! I paid 50 cents for it! I just love it!

It is such an happy-merry-just-right-for-the-holiday-season hat! And it fits so nicely! I swear, when I wear it, I feel so good that little fairy wings grow in my back and I literally fly with joy and style!

I had to paint it, so here is my little French Fairy, available on eBay and Etsy! It is available with a Buy It Now Option if you want to snatch it in a jiffy and offer it as a Christmas gift!

I just want remind everyone that my BUY 2 PRINTS, GET THE 3RD FREE SALE is going on till the end of December! I have a huge choice of prints, fairies, angels, Fridas and more and they make terrific gifts as well! Just come and visit MyPinkTurtleStudio on Etsy and check them out!

Don't you just love my new Christmas wreath?

I got a regular plain fake cheap wreath at the store, bought a bunch of knick-knacks at the $1 store, got the hot-glue gun out and had fun. I think it looks so joyful and fun, everyone should have a custom-make door wreath to welcome visitors!

As you can see, it attracks all kinds of visitors ...

Stay warm and happy, dear friends !


Ooty said...

you sound so cheerfull!
I love the print !

glorv1 said...

Your beret looks fun and that wreath is awesome. I'm getting ready to do one also. Have a great weekend.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

GOSH you are darn talented. Here is more of your yummy-ness to make me smile for Christmas. I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your sense of color. It's always done just right! You are a master at this! I love it.

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness, look at your beautiful snow!! How lucky you are. Your wreath is very welcoming, very nice. And SNOW GLOBE GIRL & CAT is very beautiful. Thanks for the blog comments.

Angela Recada said...

Very festive! What a sweet cat! Love your blog.

Pea said...

wow..what a beautiful splash of colours!You dazzle me everytime I visit your blog!I want to add you in my blog list if its ok with you?
take care, Pea

Wanda said...

What colors and composition. I really like your pictures, are you a mixed media artist. What ever you are it is very good. I am a new visitor. TTTFN

Flor Larios Art said...

I love your colorful painting especially the heart earrings! I also like your wreath, the cute white bird!
Happy Holidays!