Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday night was a bit chilly to go trick-or-treating but it was great fun. Our village is a small one nestled between hills with a little river snaking through it. When you go down the Pinacle mountain where I live then take a left to the village, 5 minutes away, the view is splendid. Frelighsburg looks like a little jewel in a white velvet lined box.

Everyone knows each other in the region. I was driving with a friend from Montreal one day and she was amazed at the number of times I waved at different people during a short 15 minutes ride. Here, you wave even when you are not sure you know the person you are waving at, just in case ... I am from the big city, born there, know it by heart but the last 10 years spent in the countryside have transformed me in an easy-going-out-of-the-busy-world person.

So Halloween here is friendly, warm and a bit like a big family gathering. Kids can cross the streets as often as they want, they can eat each candy they get without having to worry about finding razor blades or glass in their gum drops or chocolate.

As we came back home snow started falling again and it kept at it for part of the night. When we woke up this morning, the view was enchanting! Due to high humidity, everything outside was covered with a thick coat of whipped cream.

Even the Halloween decorations!

We went for a walk with the dogs and Ulysse followed with his Nikita, which is the modified bike he built with a ski in the front instead of a regular wheel. And it worked!

The wind was blowing and it was so cold that you would have believed today to be the 1st of February rather than the 1st of November ... I hope all of you had a fun Halloween with your kids, friends, family and loved-ones !

Oh, and for those who were asking, Ulysse dressed up as Link from the Zelda saga Nintendo games. He sure looked like the perfect elf ...


Zom said...

Wow, so beautiful.
And he does look like a perfect elf.

We wave at everyone too.

Giggles said...

Thanks for these awesome snowy photos! I am excited I hope we get snow out west this year! My daughter is on business in Toronto, they had a sprinkling the other day garnering squeals from her I'm sure! Love the costume too! Too bad for the kids it was so cold though! Hope this doesn't mean the start of a really bad winter for you!

Hugs Giggles

Art Lover said...

chairs look sooo comfy!

glorv1 said...

Lulu I got cold just looking at the photos. It does look nice though. I love your paintings.