Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I started collecting plastic snow globes because I thought they were tacky, kitsch and funky.

That was before other people started collecting them.

I got my first ones on a trip to France where Francois and I toured the country by car for 3 weeks. We would stop in souvenir shops in every city we entered and soon enough it was the theme of the vacation. I came back with 28 different ones, each of them old souvenir-style ones, made of plastic, with a little scene inside and its name on a white plaque. That was in 1988.

Afterwards, I just kept on adding to the collection, either by hunting for them in flea markets and junk stores but also by bringing them back from trips. My family and friends added quite a few too, then in 1994, I discovered I was not alone and that there were other people collecting them. I started trading them. And I also sold the ones I had doubles of. I did two radio interviews about snowdomes and appeared in a National TV show showing my collection and explaining my attraction to them.

I accumulated 900 of them which I displayed on shelves in a room of our house in Montreal.

Then they became less and less easy to come by and souvenir stores did not carry them as much. I started storing them in big plastic boxes to make place for some other stuff. Kinda forgot about them...

One morning I decided I wanted to sell my collection. So, for months, I sold then directly, through eBay and other ways, to other collectors. It took me a entire year to liquidate my stash. And I ended up with a nice little bundle of money at the end of the transactions. Snowdomes were hot and I had tons of them for sale!

Surprisingly, I do not miss this incredible collection at all. I thought maybe my son would like to keep them for later but he had no interest in them at all. Even though it was great fun to hunt and find them in thrift stores and while travelling, it satisfied my craving and I think I am through with collecting ...

This little Girl, Cat and Snow Globe painting is available on eBay or Etsy, your choice.

Wouldn't it make a wonderful little Christmas gift?

I am so busy painting as much as I can for the holiday season that I do not spend much time doing anything else lately.

Were are all doing fine, thanks for asking.

Ulysse is doing great in his new highschool life and he is now working on the design and concept of a Medieval Game Board.

Francois got a call today from a designer who would like to promote his metal art so he is quite excited about it all!

We started lighting up the Christmas lights inside and outside our house today. I LOOOOVE the tiny luminous colorful strings of lights you can get anywhere in stores. They are so joyful, uplifting and cheery, sometimes I would like to keep a set or two in my studio all year round!

Enough with the bla bla, I must return to my drying paint brushes ... A new Frida Kahlo painting is in the making ... I will show it to you as soon as it is finished, promised !


Kim Mailhot said...

I love the snow globe story ! What is amazing is that you let them all go to make room for new. Truly amazing ! But your beautiful painting shows that you still have the joy of that first kitschy, funky, fun globe that you picked up !
Glad to know you are all well and settling in for the winter ahead. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here so we will be doing the whole in-law thing at my David's dad's house (they are not big on nice traditions so it is mostly just a meal and a few glasses of wine to get me through !) ! But then, ma chum Suzanne (de Montreal) vient passe la fin de semaine chez nous !!! On va magasine et peut etre faire quelques projets dans le studio. Je sais que je passerai les trois jours en parlant le Franglais avec elle, ca c'est sur !!!

Have a great rest of the week Lulu !

Mónica Zúñiga said...

I love this beautiful painting, you did a wonderful job!! Love it! :)


glorv1 said...

Hi lulu. I love the story and how great that your were able to sell all your globes. I just wanted to wish you and your a very Happy Thanksgiving. Good painting to you and take care.

Jenn said...

I've enjoyed catching up with you so much Lulu! Love all your new paintings...so sweet and perfectly YOU...love them. My son Jake is SO impressed (and I am too!) by the amazing Lego your son made!! And how fun he was a winner!! so cool!! sending you hugs:) xox..jenn

Bone*Head*Studios said...

WOW WOW WOW !!!!I'm sooooo happy to have stumbled upon your blog!!!
What gorgeous characters and colors, too beautiful !!!

Leslie said...

Wish I could see that shelf full of the snow globes, did you ever take a photo of them?

I love your Snow Storm painting-lovely! All of your work is so nice!


aliceinparis said...

I used to have some wonderful snow globes when I was a child. I wonder where they are now? That is such a fun and cheerful painting!

artlover said...

green and red are my colors for this season. this artwork is soo very christmas for me! love it!