Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, I am still alive ...

BARELY ! ! !

Remember my old laptop died and I got myself a brand new one?

And with this brand new state-of-the-art techno tool I was going to ride the web so fast that I would leave a trail of fire behind me?

And it would be so easy to use that I would be able to paint or knit or sew or bake at the same time I would be writing an email or listing a painting?

And the trouble would be over?

Well, a day had not gone by yet since I had installed it that it started screaming at the top of its lungs, shaking like Elvis in a old late night movie and caughing like my chain-smonking great-great-great aunt Bee !

I turned it off, startled, turned it back on again but I swear, it leaped and almost grabbed me by the neck while it screached like a banshie !

Suddenly, it went POF ! and fell on its back, gasping for air !

Then it stopped moving ... This iswhen I noticed the strangest thing about this monstrous new laptop: two little horns were pointing on each side of its cover and the end of the electrical cord was shaped like an arrow tip !

I ran out of my studio, locked the door and jumped on the phone to tell Dell about the situation ...

We spent 30 minutes on the phone talking about the symptoms of this attack but to no avail ...

They suggested I do not touch it or go near it or look it in the eyes ...


Because my brand new laptop came from Hell and was possessed ! ! !

Yes, hanhan, it was sent to me by the Devil himself who intended to test my nerves playing bad jokes and acting spookily !

Well, it is gone now ... They came to pick it up and replaced it with another one. It's been sitting here for a day now and so far it seems to be acting normal ...

ENOUGH WITH TIME LOST DEALING WITH ELECTRONICS! I want to be painting now, not spending any more time programming a piece of junk!

All should be going fine now, I love my new computer, it is tamed, well-behaved and quiet.

And for those who are concerned, the bite marks will heal with time :D

This little Deer and Red Birds painting is available either on Etsy or eBay, your choice! It is one of my favorites so far and I will be using the image for my Christmas card this year. It would make a wonderful gift, don't you think? And it starts at the low price of 99 cents !

Well, time to go and check what everyone else has been up to lately ...

Will be back with another new painting and some fresh news tomorrow, promised !


Kim Mailhot said...

Oh Lulu ! What a scary techno story - one of the worst I have ever heard, with the added role of the Devil in the whole mess !!!;-D

I once had a printer from Hell (I didn't notice the horns but I didn't really look for them either). I remember when I had a big paper due for a final session at University and the devil's tool would not print what I needed for anything. After several breakdowns, and foot stomping fits as the clock raced towards my deadline, I honestly remember getting down on my knees and putting my hands on the printer, caressing it gently and "praying" "Please beautiful printer, be my friend. I will do anything if you just print the ****** paper !" I think I may have heard a deep voice from somewhere say "Anything ???" and then the printer printed.

Did I sell my soul to the Techno Devil ? I don't know, but that printer never gave me trouble again. ;-)

Your Petit Reve D'Hiver is so beautiful !

Happy Catch Up Day !

Vickie said...

I'm sorry you have a computer from H#*@ too. Mine just got back from the repair shop. I think it's fixed but all of my files are now over on my husband's user account and I don't know how to change them over. This computer has been a piece of junk. My next one is going to be a Mac. Now we have all vented, LET'S GO PAINT!

Susan said...

Hang in there, girly-girl. I has to get better, it just has to!

paintedskywoman said...

I recommend going the mac route. They are relatively safe, great for creative thinkers and they don't attack. I never get viruses, rarely if ever get error signs, they are absolutely quiet, never overheat and they are compatible with most PC programs. Plus they don't become obsolete the moment you purchase them. Wonderful computers.

I was a PC girl for many years and once you go mac you don't go back.

Plus you can purchase the portable memory drives to store all you art photos so that it does not fill up you computer. Think of them as big memory sticks the size of a cookie tin.

Just a thought for the future.

Hello from London, Ontario by the way.

glorv1 said...

Wow Lulu, that is a scary story. I was going to get a Dell Laptop, but I don't know now. PaintedSky says Mac's are great. I may go that route. I love your soon to be Christmas cards. Thx for sharing. Take care.

Diane Duda said...

What an ordeal!
We're due for something to go wrong with our computer soon. We're livin' on borrowed time I tell ya. :)

Glad things are better now.