Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here is my latest Halloween painting, a little she-devil, bad as can be, trick or treating with her costumed cat. I especially love her mask. Did you know that such a mask is called a 'loup' in French, or if you prefer a 'wolf'. This little Halloween Devil & Cat painting is currently available on eBay.

The death of my King story has touched many of you and I thank you for all your kind comments ... At least, writing about it in my blog has somewhat immortalized our beloved moose ... And who knows, he might have left a son or a daughter behind him in the forest ... Maybe, one day, we will be the witness of such another grand animal here ...

Don't forget, there is still a bit over a week left to participate in my HALLOWEEN GIVE-AWAY COSTUME IDEA CONTEST ! On October 16, I will list each participant and tell you about their dream-of-a-life-time costume. Then I will randomly draw a winner! It has been great fun so far reading about your utmost October 31st suit. Thanks to everyone for participating !!!

I have not written much about daily stuff happening in my corner of the world lately. My Etsy Shop Grand Opening took quite a bit of my time and finishing commissioned paintings and trying to produce has much as I can before Halloween gets too close.

Ulysse is doing WONDERFULY in highschool, he adores it! It seems to me he has passed from being a big boy to being a teenager in a week or so. Francois is working on dozens of different creative projects at a time, creating new bicycle skulls and metal sculptures. It is Canadian ThanksGiving this weekend and we are having a bunch of family members and friends over on Saturday than some more on Sunday. That means more birthday gifts for Ulysse and blowing candles on another birthday cake, if you can believe it! We will also celebrate my husband's birthday and at the same time, the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents.

Fall is advancing fast, we had our first real ground frost during the night and woke up this morning in a sugar-coated fairyland playground. It was beautiful, everything sparkled and shined. There was frost on the last berries, on spider webs, on rocks ... Such splendor in such simple things ...


blueberries in the fields said...

wow, you are going to have a big fun party all week end ! And lucky Ulysse , il va être encore gâté. tu sais quoi, j ai moi aussi un gargouille exactement comme le tien, celui dans ton pot de plante grasse. L'effet est vraiment beau, je retiens l'idée !
T'as vraiment des doigts de fées Lulu ! Et t'inquiète pas pour le King, je suis convainque qu'il a laissé des descandants qui lui feront honneur.
bonne Action de Grâces et amuses toi bien ! Mes félicitations pour tes parents ! 50 ans ! Moi et mon mari sommes a mi chemin, 25 ans ce printemps :)
À bientôt !

p.s. mignon ton petit surnom, comme ma chatte qui est vieille mais bien en forme encore. Je la surnomme souvent madame Lulu, pour son petit air snobinard. :)

Dada's place said...

Hi, Lulu, your painting is so sweet! I like the colours, a bit darker than your usual palette, but it must be a little scary! The bag is gorgeous! :)
I'm sorry for the King... :(

bLu eYd YoGi said...

oh~ that story of your moose makes me sick! people like that~ BIG FREAKING cowards!?!? Hey LuLu? I'll hold the head while you stuff it ok? i am sooo with you on that girl! what absolutes CREEPS!
Your devil is adorable ~ and very BAD! ha! you are funny :) i just listed my FIRST folk art doll~ I'd love it if u'd take a peek & tell me whAT u think~