Friday, October 3, 2008


I felt like painting a fun and colorful Frida Kahlo canvas for Dia de los Muertos and the results are exactly what I wanted, a canvas a la Mexicana that looks like a bowl of bright and yummy candies in a patchwork style ... Las Flores de la Muerte is available on eBay right now. ***SOLD***

Well, I guess everybody wants to get my BIG HALLOWEEN SURPRISE since I got quite a few participants in only a few days in my Halloween Contest. I wish we could have a costume party and all meet to show off our favorite outathisworld disguisement ! Don't forget, all you need to do is join my list of followers and tell me in a comment what would be your ultimate Halloween costume. Dead line for participating is October 15 ! Canada, USA and Everywhere else bloggers are invited!

Also, my Grand Opening Etsy Store Sale is extended until October 7. I have received so many wonderful comments about my art, have met many new interesting and interested people and have gotten a few sales as well, so I want to give enough time to everybody to take advantage of my specials. Come and visit when you have a minute !

It seems like I have not written much about the happenings in my daily life lately ... I promise to write this weekend about a few things I want to share with you.

But for now, I am going to bed early tonite, Youppi! it is Friday night, no school tomorrow, means no need to wake up at 6 and prepare lunch. I love Saturday mornings en famille !


Carolyn said...

Ohh Love your Frida Y Los Flores!! So vibrant! On my way to check out your etsy store.

april said...

I love your art and I am excited you are on Etsy now! I'll be reading!

Thainá B. said...

Hi, I'm brazilian (sorry for the english) and I LOVED your work. I want to tattoo one of these paintings. You're a great designer.