Wednesday, October 22, 2008


and I can finally show you my new Autumn Fairy & Crows painting, which is available in on eBay right now. It was a real pleasure working on this canvas, assembling the skirt with an assortment of leftover bits of paper, painting the multicolored leaves flying everywhere and even outside on the black sides. I am very, very happy with the results, the colors are different from the ones I use and I think the autumn feel to it works well.

I have been very busy the past few days finishing my HUGE commissioned painting while dealing with a mild constant fever caused by the flu. I have a few more paintings finished but could not list or show them earlier since my adorable mischevious cat Mykey threw my camera on the floor and killed it. I just got a new one today, no, not a cat, but a camera.

I finished this fairy painting today and almost added a few snow flurries to the background to give it a flavor-of-the-day touch. We woke up with an inch of snow this morning and cold, humid and damp much below frost temperature.


It always amazes me how fast the weather changes here, from steamy hot to arctic frigor. You can be optimistic when autumn arrives with warm rays of sun and cobalt blue skies and think, What if winter did not show up this year? But, a few days or cool rain with good bursts of wind will make your hopes go down the drain ...

So, it is time for us, creatures of the North, to put away gardening tools, pool gear, hamacs and suntan lotion and take the hand-knitted caps, scarves and gloves out of the closet, install the riveted snow-tires on the car and crank up those full-spectrum-light lamps in my studio.


Now, I can spend full days guiltless of not doing outside chores because it is so beautiful outside. I can work in my studio from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. dedicated solely to drawing, glueing, painting and creating!

This is why, despite everything, I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR !


sweetmango said...

After all of these years I still find it so odd, such contrasts to my everyday life...that you are about to go into winter, true glorious winter while we are about to enter into a long awaited, much anticipated summer!!! The true oddity of it all is that throughout my long winter I waited, sometimes not so patiently :) for your photos and stories of summer, while I painted through the cold dark days of our winter. Now I guess the favour will be returned, precariously through my experiences of summer I hope to give you some respite from your winter.
Love to you

Kim Mailhot said...

You have such a great attitude, Lulu ! Though I was born a child of the North, I think I must have some Southern chick in me, for I find the thought of winter's onset so hard ! But of course, I know it is inevitable so I want to try and embrace the change. I will have to work really hard to get to where you are though ! Thinking of the studio cozi-ness you mentioned helps ! And white is such a great backdrop for the bright cheery colors... see I am trying !;-)

Diane Duda said...

well, she's a beautiful little fairy, lulu.
it's been a bit chilly around here the last few days also. but, i love all seasons and am ready for the change. enjoy your studio and time!
xo Di

Melissa said...

Love your vibrant art. I have a soft spot for crows. Very cool!

Jenn said...

her skirt is my favorite!! If only i could wander the forest in a skirt like that:):)
sorry to hear about you camera and yucky flu symptoms! happy weekend to you!

Tammy said...

The fairy is wonderful. I too am getting ready to hibernate and create lots of art.

RyoJul said...

Hi, I love the painting. I forgot to mention to you that I sent you your prize. I sent it 2 days ago. I hope you get it soon.

catboxartstudio said...

How I wish it felt like Fall here; it's still so Summery (and I can't wait for the heat to end)! Your Fall fairy is fabulous, as is all of your art! During your hibernation I hope you get to create lots and lots of art - I look forward (as always) to what you come up with next. Thank you too for your always kind words you leave on my blog; they are so appreciated!! Happy Creating to you Lulu! -Cat

Vale said...

Hi Lulu!
Thanks for leaving a msg on my blog. What a delightful and uplifting blog you have! Gorgeous art, autumn photos, and the colour you have there...breathtaking!
I love lots of dramatic colour, and autumn is my favourite season by far.
Warm hugs from a chilly, but beautiful autumn day in Ontario!
Vale :D

Daisys Little Cottage said...

This is my favorite time of year too! Your autumn fairy is divine!

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