Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday, the three of us drove to Quebec City. The trip took about 3 hours and Ulysse killed time by taking pictures. He snatched this shot of a restaurant, on the highway, that has never ceased to amaze me, every time I pass by it. I have no idea where they found these dinosaurs and why they parked them on the front lawn. And why it is named Hotel Madrid ... Just a good old-fashioned roadside attraction, I guess.

We spent the day with Francois' family to remember the passing away, 5 years ago, of my his mother. She was born in Quebec City where she is now resting in peace in a beautiful and very old cemetary. We had a glass of champagne in her company, surrounded by beautiful angels of all sorts. The weather was perfectly nice and warm and the light was wonderful. The children were all reunited for the occasion and I think she would have found this little ceremony lovely ...

We then walked through the old city and marveled once again at its beauty. Each tiny detail makes you realize the age of this settlement, like this wooden door, part of one of the ramparts that kept the ennemy from attacking it.

In 1608, when Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer, chose the location of his settlement he named «Kébec» (a word from an Amerindian language meaning «place where the river becomes narrow»), he did not suspect that he was establishing the roots of French civilization in the Americas. Quebec City is one of the oldest city in North America.

We had a private visit of La Citadelle (no, this is a picture of Chateau Frontenac, not La Citadelle), another old building near Les Plaines d'Abraham (where the English and the French fought). The Governor of Canada now resides there when she is in the city. It was very interesting to view the outstanding pieces of furniture, the art collection on the walls and the view from the balcony was extraordinaire.

After the visit, on a tiny narrow street nearby, I could not help but smile at this wonderful vehicle, bearing the colors of the province's flag, with its skull, fuzzy dice and miniature replica of a VW.

We had a delicious supper at a ritzy French restaurant, showered copiously with sublime red wine served in gigantic glasses, which I learned later are quite often requested by connaisseurs because the aroma can me breathed more easily and completely this way.

We drove back home late and slept outside to enjoy this unusually warm night. We had a beautiful day ...

La Ville de Quebec is celebrating its 400th Anniversary this year and she is more beautiful than ever. Come and visit her before winter gets here and the party is over. This way, you too will be able to say "Je me souviens" or "I remember" ...


Alina Chau said...

Beautiful blog!! Love your painting style too!

Diane Duda said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip and I love that the family reunited on such an occasion. :)
Thanks for sharing the photos.


Jenn said...

What gorgeous photos Lulu!!
That angel statue from the cemetary is so lovely...and I have to remember to show that restaurant picture with the dinosaurs to Jake when he gets home! he'll love it!!

So funny!...I just added 'je me souviens de vous' to a sweet little clay cake! It was part of a commission order and I was sending her all the translations:)

Happy day to you lulu!!