Thursday, May 1, 2008


As I was driving back from school with Ulysse this afternoon, we noticed a stacked of white dry wood on the side of the road at the beginning of the forest. We passed it but I had a flash, had to brake and back up. Could these be bones? We stopped, got out of the car and sure enough there was a stack of deer skulls piled on rocks. We find bones and skulls on the mountain, in fields and in the wood quite often, but the wondrous thing about these was they were completely white, dry and clean, therefore they had been there for at least a year. One of them had the top of the skull sawed off, meaning that the antlers had been taken and that these were the results of hunting season, but not the past autumn's one.

I love bones and skulls, I consider them to be the equivalent of seashells when you live in the forest away from the ocean. I have been collecting skulls and bones of all sorts for about 20 years now, have boxes full of them, all cleaned up and identified. There is a sort of beauty in their design and purity of lines that I just love. I would love to spend some times in the desert, maybe Arizona or New Mexico and go hunt for my favorite treasures...

ABOUT HOLLYHOCKS SEEDS...I managed to assemble my seed packets today and will be shipping them next Monday. I still have tons of them, so if anybody else wants some, they are yours. To all of you who have contacted me about this giveaway, please send your name and address to I need to know where to ship them! Friends of us are going to Italy in late May and will be taking some seeds with them, same for a member of the family who is going to Germany this summer. Love to imagine my beautiful hollyhocks growing all around the world!!!

I have been working all week on commissioned paintings and it seems I am so slooooooooow, can't seem to be able to put myself in second gear. Same for working late at night. I usually work till 2 or 3 a.m. 3 nights a week but this week, comes 10 o'clock, my bed and my book are calling me... Been working on many, many sketches for new paintings too, which is always so exciting!


Picture #6 - This is the gate of a private place we drove by daily to go to the pueblo. I think it is just beautiful! The color, the shape of it, the moon and the star... I will work on a similar one for my garden this summer.

PICTURE #7 - I found this character, and others too, pretty far on the beach when you walk towards the south and towards complete tranquility. There were many fallen palm trees, probably from the last hurricane, and they had been chopped in pieces and left there on the beach. Someone came one day and decided to paint the bottom part of the trees and use the roots has hair. They looked somewhat like fallen tiki idols...

PICTURE # 8 - There always seemed to be a dramatic nature scene to be viewed, a sunsets, clouds, the color of the ocean, shadows playing with light in a game of contrasts. Even a regular cloud passing in front of an ordinary sun over a rather plain sea with a bland rock became the perfect background for a kissing scene in an old love movie.

PICTURE #9 - The dogs...When you love dogs and cats and you travel to somewhat remote locations where ways of life are different and where people do not have the same preoccupations as we do, at least not in the same order, your heart brakes for them. Dogs and cats in rural Mexico do not have the easy life that our king and queen pets get here. When you are concerned about not having enough to feed your family, as is the case for many people in rural Yucatan, the dogs and cats eat what they can find after meals and in the garbage nearby. Many of them are stray (strayed?), with no master in particular or no home to go to at night. IF I were rich, I would have brought all of them back with me to Quebec and would have taken good care of them. Particularly two young dogs that walked up and down the beach daily and befriended us. This is Pouchinette. She came to visit daily and would sleep nearby after being hugged, and scratched, and talked to, and played with. Just like any good dog... Good luck, Pouchinette! Hope you make it till next time!

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Diane Duda said...

I love the gate too! I'm going to show Mike and see if he'll make shutters for the house like that. How fun would that be?

And now you have me worried about the poor dogs.
It must have been hard to leave them behind. :(