Friday, March 14, 2008


As I was driving back from St-Albans in Vermont yesterday afternoon, I was surprised by this magnificient view of Jay Peak enlighted by end of the day sun. There is something about winter lanscape that leaves breathless... and so thankful for having the chance of living in a corner of the world where the air is still quite pure, there is plenty of space for each individual being, nature around has not been too tainted yet and peace is daily word that comes to your mind every day ... Thankful for being able to stop by the road on a nice sunny day and just be totally floored by simple moments of pure pleasure...

Upon coming back home across the border, I saw plenty of wild turkeys and deers, feasting of corn left in the fiels around. We love wild turkeys! Ulysse and Francois see them every morning when they drive down the mountain to the village to go to school. Sometimes, there are 50 of them in the field. They are big birds, with perfect black and brown feathers and it is so nice to see they are now back in force in this part of the country. But again, in this neighborhood, there is a great variety of animals of all sorts. I have seen brown bears a few times while taking my daily hike, a moose ran ahead of my car one morning as I was driving to my parents place, saw a mother bobcat and her kittens crossing the path on the mountain, and all kinds of birds, amphibians, little mammals and tons of insects which Frelighsburg and its townships is well-know for due to its micro-climate. I was impressed to read that the major reference ever written on Quebec insects was written by Frère Marie-Victorin (a priest) at the moment he was living here in the village in the 1930's. It is said there is no greater variety of wild life than in this section of Southern Qc.

Ulysse is having a MAJOR CASE OF CABIN FEVER !!! He is dreaming of fishing in the streams, building fires, working on his forest fortress, looking for unusual rocks wild garlic and berries and skateboarding, riding his little 70cc motorbike and doing stunts on his old kiddy bicycle... Well, yesterday, he decided enough was enough! He went to work in the shop with Francois and came out with his new contraption: the SKICYCLE !!! And it works and I think it is a brilliant idea !!! Don't they say that creativity is at its best when you are bored? Definitely!


love.boxes said...

I know a guy who is dreaming of fishing streams and can't catch a break in the weather either. :)

sUz said...

hi LuLu!
I just cannot get over how beautiful it is where you live!
Thanks for sharing,
iN jOy,