Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is what we call 'School Break' in French... And, let me tell you, I have a whole bunch of animals taking a break this week !!! I guess it must be spring fever or seasonal depression, but the 3 dogs are turning into sissies, sleeping all day long in our beds, on their back, with their 4 legs up in the air. The son is completely on the neutral button, sleeps like a log and walks like a zombie from room to room.

Yep, no doubt...We are having a bad case of "I hope Spring is coming soon" virus... The 5 cats are begging for dog food and are snobbing their usual diet. The rooster started singing at 2 a.m. this morning and went at it non-stop till 9 o'clock!!! Even the turtle Michelangelo is going nuts, loosing his time trying to mate a rock shaped like a pinup at the bottom of his tank.

Come on, Printemps, time to show up!!!

Well, time is almost up and I have received a few Year of the Rat Art works. I will put them on my blog tomorrow so you can view each masterpiece. Thank you, dear participants! I will be drawing the name of the winner tomorrow morning !!! Bonne chance !


tascha said...

There is freezing rain here tonight. It sounds really neat though. Like I'm living inside a maraccas.
I'm looking forward to seeing the entries.

spyro said...

Hi Lulu!
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your blog site and art so I have linked you to www.metapleroma.org
Beautiful art work!